Y&R Spoilers for the week of November 21, 2022 on The Young and the Restless

A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of November 21, 2022. Be sure to tune into Y&R each weekday to see how it all plays out.

Elena notices that Nate’s priorities have shifted

Noah shares the truth about Audra

Sharon learns a valuable lesson

Victor solves a problem on his own

Billy supports Chelsea when she has to make a difficult decision

Ashley is in charge

Nick turns the tables on Adam

Nikki and Victor count their blessings

Phyllis gets a pleasant surprise

Daniel and Phyllis have a warm reunion

Diane’s presence at the Abbotts’ Thanksgiving dinner creates tension

Ashley deliberately angers Diane

Pour scoops

Michael Graziadei will reprise his role as Daniel Romalotti starting this week. Read on here for more information.

Michael Damian will reprise his role as Danny Romalotti for several episodes starting next month. Read on here for more information.

A preview of next week

Victor investigates Sally’s past

Nate gets Elena’s help to take his mind off his problems

On the road: November preview

Adam and Nick’s feud over Sally heats up and things get so hot that Victor has to step in before his sons cause irreparable damage to Newman Enterprises.

Victor also attempts to launch his own investigation to uncover Tucker’s motives for returning to Genoa City

Ashley and Tucker play a dangerous game of cat and mouse as they question their feelings for each other

Phyllis, Nikki and Ashley continue to dig into Diane’s past, unwittingly unleashing the possibility of incredible danger.

The conflict between Phyllis and Diane could drive a wedge in Summer and Kyle’s marriage as they take sides

Diane will continue her efforts to regain Kyle and Jack’s trust

Jack, meanwhile, struggles with his feelings for Diane and tries to protect Kyle from being hurt again by Diane

Billy and his friends support Chelsea in times of need

Lily’s patience is tested when she feels that Billy’s friendship with Chelsea seems to be taking precedence over Lily’s relationship with him.

Nate will try to repair the relationships he damaged

Devon and Lily will remain firm in their decision to cut ties with Nate over his cheating

Mariah and Tessa prepare for the next chapter in their lives: motherhood

Old wounds cause unexpected friction between Abby and Chance

Phyllis is thrilled when Daniel returns home for the holidays

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