Windows 11 now used by 25% of gamers – channelnews

New studies have shown that more and more gamers are making the switch to Windows 11, after the operating system saw users slowly get used to it.

According to Valve’s September 2022 Steam Hardware & Software Survey, 24.84% of Steam users are now using Windows 11. This is 1.06% more than last month. Since the OS originally came out last October, overall adoption has been consistently slow.

The increase comes at an interesting time, with the latest Windows 11 2H22 update reportedly hampering PC performance.

Last week, NVIDIA card users found that they were experiencing slow and inconsistent frame rates and stuttering during games after the update, while recently file copying is said to have slowed down by up to 40%.

However, the NVIDIA bug has since been fixed, which could have prompted gamers to upgrade.

A likely cause of the increase is that more and more people are buying new slot machines that come with Windows 11, which is related to the fact that console sales are declining as more people move to the PC.

Windows is generally used by 96.41% of Steam users, with Windows 10 still the most popular at 68.49%, down from 0.57% this month. Windows 11 is in second place with 24.84%, followed by Windows 7 with 2.40%.

All MacOS versions together make up only 2.36% of Steam users.

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