Walmart serves up RTX 3070 and 1600p Black Friday laptop gaming for just $1099

Gaming laptops and limited budgets don’t usually make for good friends. But for just $1,099, this Lenovo portable (opens in new tab) turns out surprisingly. The crucial aspect in any gaming laptop is the GPU, and the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro rocks an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070, which is just one tier below the absolute best graphics chip for laptops, the RTX 3080. It’s an extremely fast mobile graphics chip.

To that you can add the next most important aspect, the screen. The Legion 5 Pro rocks an extremely impressive 16-inch 1600p panel (it’s essentially a slightly larger 16:10 aspect version of the more common 1440p thing) running at full 165Hz. That’s pretty much exactly what we’d recommend as the perfect balance of size, resolution and speed for a laptop panel. In addition, the panel is also DisplayHDR 400 certified. Nice.

The third element of the critical gaming laptop trifecta is, of course, the CPU. Here the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro nails it again with an AMD 7 Ryzen 5800H. Okay, it’s a last generation chip. But the latest 6000 series Ryzen laptop chips received only minor tweaks. And the 5800H remains an eight-core monster of a mobile CPU.

Image of the back of the Lenovo Legion 5 pro (16-inch AMD), three-quarter view.

(Image credit: Lenovo)

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