Video: 6 Classic Bikes from Whistler Bike Park

@aaronjb: Haha, forgot! I knew his name from the results sheet long ago. I confronted him after the race (with my arm in an emergency splint from a trackside doctor who had looked after me) and told him that cutting the track and taking me out was not racing – that was all I wanted to convey to him. .that his behavior was not in the spirit of racing, nor was it technically allowed to cut off the track, and that he should have been disqualified (somehow the track officials thought that cutting off the turn and the lane marking tape around 100 spectators was fair game…or just didn’t see and didn’t care?!). Only 2 out of 4 guys finished that round (him included) so maybe that’s why they let him through to the next round… they just needed a 4th rider for the round.

While I was still on the floor, of course, my shirtless 6’6” 215lb college rowing (2nd fastest in the country) older brother came to my rescue… I joked that the Kiwi my brother had better not get him let find . I thought only the medic, my brother and one or two onlookers heard me say that…

About 9 or 10 years later, in 2010 or 2011, I was on the Whistler Village gondola, riding my bike, with a family from Alberta. On the way up, I pointed out The Boneyard and told them we were racing Bikercross 4-a-time over an insane course with huge jumps of 10-15 meters long and 2-3 meter high roadside bends. Then the tourist tells me – in the style of an urban legend – that he had heard from a neighbor in Alberta about the Bikercross races… to have $250,000 in surgery to fix it, and then that guy’s brother hit the man who met him. I listened in awe as “I’m a freakin’ legend…an URBAN LEGEND!” Haha = P. I let him finish the story, laughed with him about the story, then told him, “This is the craziest thing you’ll hear all weekend, but that guy who got hurt was me! And I had $125,000 USD ($192,000 CAD) in fractured arm surgery the year before the race, and the Kiwi man who ran into me had just re-injured my arm, albeit fairly seriously, and it slowed my recovery and riding with 6 months. ..and I didn’t need another surgery. Oh, and my brother didn’t beat him up – but he looked like a ruptured vein popping cage fighter at 6’6″ and 215 with about 5% body fat so yeah he looked like he could rip the head off someone out there .” We all had a good laugh. So many good stories and epic times of downhilling at Whistler from 1995 (1999 on the lift in the current bike park) to the present =)

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