Tziporah Malkah: Ex-model Kate Fischer found guilty of violation of court order

An ex-model and former fiancée of billionaire James Packer has learned her fate after making explosive social media posts.

Ex-model Kate Fischer has been found guilty of violating a court order after she posted powerful messages about a man online.

Ms Fischer, who legally changed her name to Tziporah Malkah after converting to Judaism, was banned from appearing in Sutherland court on Tuesday for the decision in her two-and-a-half-year battle.

Former fiancé billionaire James Packer, 48, was found guilty of violating the court order.

Malkah was not allowed to post any information about the man online or on social media.

The court heard that the former Vogue cover girl had posted a number of social media posts calling him an “a**hat”, “d*** for brains” and a “f***head”.

After being tipped off by a friend, the man took screenshots of the messages and took them to the police to file a complaint.

He told police that Malkah had used three different social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook to post a heavily edited photo of the statement she gave to police.

The court heard the ex-actress, who starred in the film alongside Elle Macpherson and Portia de Rossi sirens, was topless when a police officer went to her Elizabeth Bay apartment to discuss the matter.

Despite the officer asking her to put on a tank top, the court heard that the former It girl refused and the officer continued to film on her cell phone. The court heard that the images were then uploaded to one of the same social media accounts Malkah had used to publish the posts.

Magistrate Jennifer Atkinson said it was clear Malkah had access to the social media accounts, despite her claims that her friends and roommates could have published the posts.

“I feel the actions of posting and reposting the statement with comments are consistent with the actions of someone who knew what they were doing,” she said.

“It is completely implausible that anyone other than the defendant would have done anything to post, remove and repost the affidavit containing the paper.”

While Magistrate Atkinson accepted that there was no direct evidence to show that Malkah pressed the messages, she found Malkah guilty of violating the court order.

James Packer’s former fiancé will return to Sutherland Court on July 14 for sentencing.

Malkah is the eldest daughter of the former Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence, Pru Goward. She became famous at the age of 13 when she was on the cover of Dolly magazine, which prompted her to start a modeling life.

Malkah was the Australian It girl of the 90s who appeared on the cover of Vogue and starred in blockbuster films alongside stars such as Hugh Grant. She was a regular in tabloid magazines during her high-profile relationship with billionaire James Packer, to whom she was engaged for two years.

She disappeared from the public eye after a stint on I’m a celebrity get me out of herebut has since announced that she has launched an OnlyFans account with subscriber-only content.

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