Trump news today: Jan 6 panel to show clips from Roger Stone documentary as filmmakers heed subpoena

Former US President Donald Trump Claims He Can Declassify Top Secret Documents Just Thinking About It

The Jan. 6 House Selection Committee is likely to show video footage of Trump ally Roger Stone during what could be their final public hearing this week, The Washington Post reported.

Danish filmmakers told the news channel that, while initially hesitant to cooperate with the congressional investigation, this week they decided to act on a subpoena from the commission.

Meanwhile, a Capitol rioter who received a call from the White House during the Jan. 6 uprising was first mentioned publicly when text messages appeared that shed new light on then-chief of staff Mark Meadows’ efforts to win the election. 2020 undo.

Anton Lunyk, a 26-year-old supporter of former President Donald Trump who traveled to Washington from Brooklyn, was named by CNN on Monday as the recipient of an outgoing call from the White House switchboard on Jan. 6.

Text messages obtained by CNN showed that Phil Waldron, one of the key players behind the bid to reverse the election, briefed Mr. Meadows in late December 2020 about his efforts to access voting systems in crucial battlefield states.


New Clips of Roger Stone Predicting Violence at the January 6 Hearing

New clips of Roger Stone, lobbyist and former informal adviser to Donald Trump, will be screened during the latest committee hearings on Jan. 6, in which he reportedly predicts violence after the 2020 election.

The House selection committee hearing that begins Wednesday will include the clip from a documentary called A predicted storm which is expected to be released later this year, according to US media reports.

One of the clips shot by the Danish crew for the documentary shows Mr Stone showing violence and abuse of power by the former president, the Washington Post reported citing sources.

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Trump-Approved GOP Candidate Kari Lake Trolls Arizona’s Democratic Party

Kari Lake, the Trump-approved election denier running on the GOP ticket for Arizona governor, took to Twitter Monday night to troll her state’s Democratic Party.

“This is fun! @azdemparty has had 13 years to build their audience @KariLakeWarRoom in just 7 months We’ve got a move, folks,” the Republican governor candidate tweeted, sharing two photos of the aforementioned Twitter accounts and their respective followers.

Ms. Lake’s “War Room” account, which is branded as the “official Twitter account for the campaign of the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona,” has amassed 35,700 followers, garnering the adherent Arizona Democratic Party, which 35,100 followers counts, beats.


The January 6 panel hearing will feature clips from the Roger Stone documentary, the report says

The Washington Post reported that at this week’s public hearing on Jan. 6, panelists will likely show clips of Trump ally Roger Stone collected by filmmakers in the weeks and days before the violent mob descended on the Capitol in 2021.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, the outlet noted how the Danish filmmakers, who had previously been subpoenaed by the congressional investigation and were hesitant to share their material, said this week that they would comply with the committee’s request.

In August, Politico reported that commission investigators had traveled to Denmark to review their material and interview the filmmakers.


Jen Psaki Says Democrats Know They Are Doomed If Midterm Election Is A Vote On Biden

Former press secretary to President Joe Biden has a strange prediction: If the midterm election Democrats make a battle over her former boss’s performance, they will lose.

Ms. Psaki, who left Biden’s administration earlier this year, is now a contributor to NBC and will soon host MSNBC. She appeared on “Meet the Press” on Sunday and said Democrats feel that if the election is about who is more extreme, they can win, citing Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia.

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Sen Kyrsten Sinema defends filibuster at event where Mitch McConnell praises her

Kyrsten Sinema puts members of her own party back on track with a performance at the McConnell Institute, a political foundation founded by Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republican Senate minority group.

And bizarrely, she called for bolstering the filibuster during her appearance—despite the fact that Mr. McConnell made it famous to secure GOP nominations to the Supreme Court.

“I’ve only known Kyrsten for four years, but in my opinion, and I’ve told her this, she’s one of the most effective senators I’ve seen in the Senate,” Mr. McConnell said, applauding. “She is today what we lack in the Democratic Party – a true moderate and a dealmaker.”

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Matt Gaetz draws just six viewers to his inaugural Twitch stream

Trump ally Matt Gaetz saw a less than warm welcome on Twitch when he launched his channel last week.

According to new reporting from The Independent’s Greg GraziosicMr Gaetz has only seen a peak viewership of six people since launch.

Mr. Gaetz has 1.7 million followers on Twitter, but it seems that very few – at least for now – have followed him on Twitch. He has 1,600 followers on the platform, but anyone can follow an account – subscriptions and viewers count towards monetization on Twitch.

The screening is far short of the thousands who flocked online to see reps Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar among us playing with Twitch stars Hasan Piker and others.


When is the next committee hearing on January 6?

The timing of the January 9 committee hearing, which may be the last before the committee, has been announced.

The panel, which will report on its findings before the end of the year, has scheduled another meeting for September.

California Democrat and panelist Adam Schiff told CNN on Sunday that “we are not yet announcing where the focus will be. I can say that since this may be the last hearing of its kind — that is, one that focuses on a sort of factual report – I think it will potentially be more sweeping than some of the other hearings.”

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Tucker Carlson went red after trying to insult Fetterman about tattoos

John Fetterman fired back at the insult of Tucker Carlson’s “false” tattoos, explaining that they each represent a victim murdered by violent crime while he was mayor of Pennsylvania.

The right-wing Fox News host had ridiculed Mr. Fetterman’s tattoos when he tried to portray the Democratic candidate for the US Senate as weak on the crime front.

Mr. Fetterman, who chose Dr. Donald Trump’s Mehmet Oz, leading in the polls ahead of the November election, fired back in an op-ed for NBC News explaining how his tattoos commemorated the gun-related murders in his town of Braddock.

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How likely is it that Biden will be impeached if the GOP retakes the House?

When President Joe Biden returns to work in Washington in January, he may face a very different reality on Capitol Hill.

Buoyed by Mr Biden’s low approval ratings, pro-Trump Republicans are raising bids to take control of both the House and Senate from their Democratic rivals. Winning a majority in one or both chambers would be a huge barrier to passing further legislation intended to carry out Mr Biden’s political agenda, and could also have far-reaching implications for the White House.

Donald Trump’s allies in Congress are eager to get a chance to retaliate against Democrats for two failed impeachment attempts against the former president, including the 2021 attempt to hold him accountable for the impeachment. January 6 attack on Congress.

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The 20 Major Lawsuits and Investigations Facing Trump

Lawsuits and investigations have stymied Donald Trump throughout his business career and presidency, and have continued to seek the 2024 Republican notation — a decision he is expected to announce after the 2022 interim terms.

Now with a Justice Department investigation into his alleged mishandling of classified documents and a lawsuit filed last week by the New York Attorney General, the legal turmoil facing the former president appears to be growing.

Josh Marcus Below is a breakdown of the top 20 legal challenges Mr Trump is facing:

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