The challenge on 10 rolled over to a later timeslot due to low ratings

It’s been a tough year for Channel 10.

The network has been forced to stop the reality show The challenge — which only premiered last week — moved to a later timeslot after it failed to draw an audience, TV Blackbox reports.

It follows disappointing results from two other new Ten reality shows, featuring The traitors and The love boat both have underperformed in recent months.

In the meantime, The Amazing Race Australia and Shaun Micallef’s new game show Brain Eisteddfod have also swung in the ratings battle this year, while The project’The struggle and recent “mass exodus” from the country have been widely noted over the past week.

The decision to move The Australia Challenge from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. comes after audiences hit a seasonal low on Tuesday night of just 136,000 city metro viewers, 60,000 fewer than last week’s launch episode and 30,000 fewer than Monday night’s episode.

From next Monday it will air in its new later slot, with a double episode to get the season – already filmed months ago – off the air faster. This was the same fate that befell The real love boat when it premiered last month to low ratings.

The challenge will be replaced in prime time on Monday by a double-repeated episode of Bondi rescue.

The challengewhich follows a proven international format and against which it is compared Survivor, was mocked mercilessly when the cast of “celebs” was announced in September.

Ten’s social media announcement praised the list of 22 cast members as “Australia’s highest-profile celebrities”, but it was met with some derision, as the 22 “stars” were mostly former reality TV stars.

Hosted by non-binary TV host Brihony Dawson, the series features Brooke Blurton, Brittany Hockley and Ciarran Stott, to name a few.

While episode one debuted with the return of “Cyclone Cyrell” from Married at first sight and Bachelor education bad boy Ciarran Stott shares a shower with former Love Island contestant Audrey Kanongara, despite having a girlfriend, there’s more drama to come.

Bachelor education star Megan Marx and Konrad Bien Stephens reportedly hooked up during filming, with Abbie Chatfield announcing her and Konrad’s divorce soon after.

Elsewhere, Brittany Hockley has teased a heated clash withMarried at first sight‘s Ryan Gallagher in the coming weeks.

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