The Block 2022 Recap Episode 6: A dangerous discovery causes a house to close and a contestant makes an emotional flight home

After the scores of the first rooms were announced, some teams use the Guest Bedroom Week as an opportunity to cash in on themselves.

The Blockheads adjust their plans according to the feedback from the judges and waste no time making important design decisions.

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Well, most. Sarah-Jane struggles to choose a rug for their guest bedroom after discovering that her first choice is not available.

“I had about 15 samples at one point, color overruns, everything got blurry,” she tells the cameras about her mini-meltdown.

“I finally chose one, I just gave up.”

But the carpet choice is the least of Tom and Sarah-Jane’s concerns.

While Tom demolishes the last of their spare room, Tom discovers a sinister surprise.

“I literally had a little square left to smash in and I hit it with a sledgehammer and I found some asbestos under it,” Tom tells the cameras.

“As soon as I saw it, I thought, ‘Here we go, more delays, more delays.'”

Despite his gut feeling about the discomfort ahead, Tom Foremen quickly warns Keith and Dan to assess the situation.

Keith and Dan decide to shut down Tom and Sarah-Jane’s site until a sample can be sent to hygienists to determine if it’s asbestos or not.

“They closed our house and rightly so. Asbestos is very dangerous and can cause health problems later on,” says Tom.

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The block 2022
Tom and Sarah-Jane’s site has been shut down due to asbestos problems. (Nine)

Their site was shut down for six hours while they waited for results. Meanwhile, Tom works hard feeding carrots to the horses present, taking toilet breaks and making house calls to the other contestants – while Sarah-Jane is still picking out a carpet.

Finally, Keith and Dan return to give Tom all the permissions to get back to the real thing.

New home page of

In House 2, Rachel and Ryan have other problems.

Dropping everything at home to come to The block at such short notice has been a huge disruption to their young family in Sydney.

Rachel and Ryan are parents to three children under the age of six, and Rachel feels particularly emotional about spending time without her children.

“I’m flying home this afternoon and staying all day tomorrow. I’m going home to see our kids,” Rachel tells the cameras as she wipes the tears from her face.

“We left really quickly and they’re just having some adjustment issues. I’ll just go home and let them know what we’re doing and how good it is.”

“I can’t give 110 percent here if my kids are upset at home.”

The 36-year-old bursts into tears and husband Ryan intervenes to explain that it’s just a matter of putting their kids first.

The block 2022, Rachel and Ryan
Rachel gets emotional when she spends time outside of her children. (Nine)

He reassures Rachel that once she goes home and sees the kids, they’ll be able to eat out during guest room week.

Sharon still feels defeated by the judges’ comments after finishing last in Main Bathroom Week.

But she is dealt another blow after learning that her plans to install VELUX skylights in the guest bedroom may fail.

The block 2022
Sharon and Ankur feel defeated after finishing last. (Nine)

“Our problem is we can’t get the skylights centered because of those beams,” explains Sharon.

Dan reveals that the contestants will not be allowed to cut rafters this year, so it looks like Sharon will have to remove the skylights.

“We’re all sitting there, builder, chippy and we’re all like, ‘Sorry Shazza, unfortunately I can’t,'” Ankur tells the cameras.

Until Sharon comes up with a solution herself.

She asks Dan if the team can shrink the space to center the skylights. Dan approves and it’s a win for Sharon and Ankur.

After Omar and Oz win Bathroom Week, Scotty hosts the first-ever Winners Are Grinners Dinner at the house he and the Blockheads are renovating.

But Omar and Oz are late for their own dinner. Best friends do their best to spend the $250,000 they’ve won on luxury kitchen appliances.

While the rest of the contestants wait for Omar and Oz to arrive, they have a hunt for Scotty’s handicrafts.

Sarah-Jane soon sees many similarities between her and Scotty’s design.

The block 2022
Sarah-Jane finds many similarities between her and Scotty’s designs. (Nine)

“Scott has the same tile, sink and color as me,” she points out in his bathroom.

But the coincidences don’t stop there, Sarah-Jane reveals that she even chose the same duvet cover for her guest bedroom this week.

It’s no surprise that Sarah-Jane finds Scotty’s house “beautiful”. She jokes with Scotty and says there’s a copycat… The block before reminding her that he built his house first.

The block 2022
Scott Cam’s renovated bathroom. (Nine)

Many of the contestants take some photos of Scotty’s house for inspiration, while others aren’t 100 percent on board with the decor.

“This is nice, but it’s too rural for me,” Sharon says.

The boys finally show up to their winners dinner and toast.

“We’ve got everyone back, we’re family and we’re blessed to be here,” Oz says.

For now everyone is in a good mood, but will the mood change if Guest Bedroom Week gives the teams some curveballs?

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