How to play for free and in-game purchases took over video games

In this weekly series, CNBC looks at companies that made it to the first Disruptor 50 list 10 years later. Amid the popularity of free-to-play, downloadable games and gaming platforms such as “Fortnite”, “League of Legends” and Roblox, it has become extremely rare for a high-profile video game to be released now without some sort … Read more

The maturing game industry | The Financial Express

By Jaganathan Chelliah The gaming industry has grown by half a billion new gamers in the past three years, totaling 2.7 billion people worldwide by 2021. Thousands of game titles have been released on at least one platform in 2021 alone and it really seems like the golden age for gaming . It is estimated … Read more

Game over: Google shuts down failed cloud gaming service Stadia

In a predictable move, tech giant Google announced it would be closing Stadia — the mobile and cloud gaming service it launched just three years earlier — after the game streaming platform failed to deliver the revolutionary online gaming experience gamers expected. While Stadia allowed anyone with a fast internet connection and a screen to … Read more

Play-to-earn video games like Axie Infinity promised a lot, but didn’t deliver

For a brief, rambunctious moment during the pandemic, people in some parts of the world, especially the Philippines, turned to video games for work rather than pleasure. The “work” was flexible, could be done remotely on a smartphone, and appeared at a time when COVID-19 was destroying people’s lives and incomes. These weren’t professional esports … Read more

Get ready and start gaming with the best Xbox deals of September 2022

Graphic: Joe Tillelic Whether you’re rocking an Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or Xbox One, you might be looking for a new game to get through the pandemic quarantine doldrums. Fortunately, there are many recent releases at great discounts right now, along with controller bargains. Watch and play! It puts a big smile on … Read more

What are the income streams of online gamers and how are they taxed?

The online gaming industry in India has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. From live streaming of video games, to fantasy sports to online gambling, there are different types of online gaming that generate revenue. Users should be aware of the taxation of such income which varies according to the nature of the income. Professional … Read more

Spectacular Spider-Man First Person PC mod could make you puke

Insomniacs Spider Man is a revelation when it comes to feeling the power and agility of everyone’s favorite wall crawler as it swings through the New York City skyline. But what if you could really see the world through Spidey’s eyes as you flew through Times Square? A new mod for the pc remaster does … Read more

Trailers offer a glimpse into the future of gaming | To live

In recent days, Sony and Nintendo showed what the consoles have to offer gamers in the future. Sony’s state of affairs started with a showing of a Tekken 6 battle trailer. Rise of the Ronin appears to be an action-packed samurai-style game set in 19th century Japan. The trailer showed a varied combat style: the … Read more