British regulators want Apple to open its App Store to cloud gaming

Photo: Chris Delmas/AFP (Getty Images) Apple’s walled garden is a nice place to be if you want a hassle-free experience with technology. But the bushy greens and red roses don’t necessarily indicate you’re getting the most out of the device in your hand. The British Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), a government agency, has done … Read more

Best cloud gaming services, from Xbox Game Pass to GeForce Now

Screenshot: Florence Ion/Gizmodo Luna is best for people who don’t want to commit. I still occasionally play with Amazon Luna on the Fire TV Stick connected to the TV in my living room. The game I am currently playing is Hokko life; I was already tracking the price on Steam when I saw it was … Read more

PS5, Switch and Xbox Series X/S

Image: Nintendo It’s that time of year again. The pumpkins are all crushed, the peppermint is in the mocha, and all Mariah Carey wants for Christmas is you (and her fat Columbia Records royalty check). The holiday preseason is officially with us, with deals and discounts on many games, consoles and accessories. Here’s a quick … Read more

Legendary Sega developer Reiko Kodama has passed away aged 59

Screenshot: Sega Rieko Kodama, one of the most important developers in the history of both Sega and the wider role-playing genre, has passed away at the age of 59. As IGN reportShe actually died in May, but her death was not publicly announced by the company at the time. However, fans recently discovered a tribute … Read more

Unreleased Rare Nintendo Power Glove Game Appears on eBay

Not one but two unreleased NES games have recently appeared on eBay, and one of them should be of particular interest to fans of the Nintendo Power Glove, and/or Donkey Kong Country developers Rare. Spotted and shared by Frank Cifaldi of the Video Game History Foundation, the first game is called Battlefields of Napoleonand comes … Read more

New Sony PlayStation 5 game consoles coming soon in India

Tech giant Sony is reportedly planning to launch its new PlayStation 5 game consoles in the Indian market soon. According to GizmoChina, Sony has recently started shipping new models – which are said to be more energy efficient and lighter than the original launch versions – of the PlayStation 5 in the country. The … Read more

PocketStar puts retro gaming into a Lego Minifig-sized handheld

As smartphones continue with get bigger and biggershe‘regarding leave less space in your pockets for other devices like portable consoles, unless you opt for something like the Game Boy Inspired PocketStar, which measures in just a little bigger than a Lego minifigure. Consoles like the Nintendo Switch and Valve’s Steam Deck have vastly improved the … Read more

Sony May Release PC Games Launcher, Spider-Man Files Reveal

Photo: Joe Buglewicz (Getty Images) With his recent high profile PC releases of previously exclusive games Like it god of war and Horizon Zero Dawn, Sony seems to be making a shift to market its video game business as a hybrid console PC company. utilitiesnew datamined files referring to a PlayStation PC game launcher could … Read more

GamePass vs. The new PS Plus, the comparison we had to make

Image: Sony / Microsoft / Kotaku Two months ago, Sony reinvented PS Plus, the old membership program for PlayStation owners. Now it’s very much like Microsoft’s Game Pass: for about the same money, both offer access to a Netflix-esque games-on-demand library. Obviously, we had to stack the two services against each other. Price Game Pass … Read more

How to make a pastel colored playroom with the most kawaii outfit?

Photo: 10eegaming Crack open the door to self-described “kawaii tech creator” heavenly flowers‘ room, and you’ll suddenly feel like you’ve lived your life like a strawberry in some Fruity Pebbles granola. Like countless others gamers onlineFleurs is an expert on “pastel gaming” – a term that comes from Japanese kawaii aesthetic, and perhaps a need … Read more