Pfizer, Moderna, Myocarditis: ATAGI Admits Major Vaccine Side Effect

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (ATAGI) has revealed it was not aware of the increased risk of a heart condition called myocarditis from Covid vaccines until five months after they were approved to the public. An updated document published by the health authority in late September has attracted serious attention this month – … Read more

Several major US companies are quietly rolling back the COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Several major US companies are rolling back COVID-19 vaccine mandates but remain silent during the process, Axios reports. Goldman Sachs this week lifted vaccination requirements everywhere except New York City, while JPMorgan & Chase Co. in March said the weather would hire unvaccinated individuals. In June, Cisco stopped mandating vaccination for “office access, travel, attending … Read more

Woman faces murder for setting her boyfriend on fire

A woman set her boyfriend on fire at a Texas gas station, “melting the skin off his body,” police said. The boyfriend, Ricky Doyle, 25, died Wednesday at a Dallas hospital from burns suffered in the horrific July 18 attack, according to Texas police. The New York Post reported that Doyle and his girlfriend, Breana … Read more