Human rights defenders in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus win Nobel Peace Prize in 2022

Activists from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia on Friday won the Nobel Peace Prize, a strong rebuke to Russian President Vladimir Putin whose invasion of Ukraine has infuriated the international community and emphasized his authoritarian rule. Most important points: The Nobel Committee described the winners as champions of “human rights, democracy and peace side by side”. … Read more

World at risk of nuclear ‘Armageddon’ as Putin doesn’t bluff, Biden warns

AAs Britain faces continued power outages this winter as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Dutch gas grid operator said its import connections to the UK were one of the reasons why supplies will be secure. The National Grid warned yesterday that millions of households could cut off their electricity for three hours … Read more

Zelensky calls for ‘preemptive’ attack on Russia in Lowy Institute speech

Volodymyr Zelensky’s office has clarified that he was not calling for a “preemptive” nuclear attack on Russia after a speech by the Ukrainian president to an Australian audience on Thursday night sparked an outraged Kremlin response. Mr Zelensky was speaking to the Lowy Institute via video link when he made the comments in response to … Read more

Russian leader in Kherson denounces Putin’s ‘incompetent commanders’ as critics’ chorus grows louder

Kyiv, Ukraine CNN — A senior Russian-appointed official in Ukraine on Thursday blamed the country’s military setbacks on incompetence and corruption at the top of the Kremlin’s defense apparatus. In a blistering 4-minute video posted to the encrypted messaging application Telegram, Kirill Stremousov, the Moscow-installed deputy leader of Ukraine’s Kherson region, largely occupied by Russia, … Read more

Goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030 out of reach, report says | Poverty and Development News

The effects of the COVID pandemic and the war in Ukraine make it unlikely that the world will eradicate extreme poverty by the end of the decade, the World Bank says. The world is unlikely to meet a long-standing goal to end extreme poverty by 2030, the World Bank has said, citing the effects of … Read more

Kremlin Puppet Leader Says Putin’s Defense Minister Should Shoot Himself

ALexander Lukashenko, the eccentric Belarusian dictator, has “banned” price hikes in a desperate attempt to curb growing inflation, writes Nataliya Vasilyeva in Istanbul. Lukashenko, whose Kremlin-backed regime has been hit hard by Western sanctions, lashed out at his government for failing to curb inflation, which currently stands at 13 percent. “From October 6, price increases … Read more

Russia officially claims ownership of nuclear power plant in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has decreed that Ukraine’s Zaporozhye nuclear power plant is a Russian federal property, absorbing all facilities and workers as the Kremlin advance in the east loses momentum against Ukrainian forces. The nuclear facility, the largest in Europe, was taken by Russian forces in March, with Ukrainian workers conducting day-to-day operations under … Read more

Ukraine’s latest war: Putin orders takeover of Russian nuclear power plant in Ukraine as his military struggles in newly annexed country

President Vladimir Putin has ordered Russian nuclear power company Rosenergoatom to take control of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, in southern Ukraine, as its military struggles for control of annexed territory. Meanwhile, Ukrainian law enforcement officers reported the discovery of more evidence of torture and murder in areas recaptured from Russian troops. Here’s the latest … Read more

Darya Dugina’s death: US believes elements within Ukrainian government approved assassination near Moscow, sources say

Washington CNN — US intelligence believes the car bombing that killed Darya Dugina, daughter of prominent Russian political figure Alexander Dugin, was authorized by elements within the Ukrainian government, sources informed about the intelligence told CNN. According to the sources, the US was not aware of the plan in advance and it is still unclear … Read more

German minister criticizes US over ‘astronomical’ natural gas prices

A photo of a natural gas flare burning near an oil pump connection at the New Harmony Oil Field in the US on June 19, 2022. Luke Sharrett | Bloomberg | Getty Images Germany’s economy minister accused the US and other “friendly” gas-supplying states of astronomical prices for their supplies, suggesting they were taking advantage … Read more