Best cloud gaming services, from Xbox Game Pass to GeForce Now

Screenshot: Florence Ion/Gizmodo Luna is best for people who don’t want to commit. I still occasionally play with Amazon Luna on the Fire TV Stick connected to the TV in my living room. The game I am currently playing is Hokko life; I was already tracking the price on Steam when I saw it was … Read more

PS5, Switch and Xbox Series X/S

Image: Nintendo It’s that time of year again. The pumpkins are all crushed, the peppermint is in the mocha, and all Mariah Carey wants for Christmas is you (and her fat Columbia Records royalty check). The holiday preseason is officially with us, with deals and discounts on many games, consoles and accessories. Here’s a quick … Read more

Netflix’s new Sonic Prime has a veritable multiverse of madness

If your friend jumped off a stairwell, would you go with him?Poison: Netflix/Sega/Kotaku Today, Netflix released a new trailer for the upcoming Sonic animated show, sonic primewhich is packed with fun new multiverse designs for its colorful cast of characters. We got a glimpse of it first sonic prime back in Sept, but the teaser … Read more

Netflix announces Gears of War movie and animated series

Image: Microsoft Netflix has quickly become the Thanos of video game adaptations, and the latest gem for its shiny streaming gauntlet is none other than Weapons of War. In the wake of everything from animated series like Castlevania and Sonic Prime to live-action shows like Resident Evil and future acquisitions such as Horizon Zero Dawn, … Read more

Halloween stores are now dominated by Fortnite

Photo: my box This weekend I went to one of my favorite places on Earth: A pop-up Halloween store. It’s a tradition that my wife and I both love. This year we had to move the nearest Spirit as it had moved to a new carcass from a previous store. I think it used to … Read more