Satellite images of China’s Huludao submarine facility reveal nuclear ambitions

China accuses Australia of being a “threat to regional peace and security” over its plans to build nuclear-powered submarines. But satellite photos show it is racing ahead with its own new designs. The dry docks of China’s nuclear submarine facility in Huludao, Liaoning province, are showing increased activity. Newly built halls are primed. Another dry … Read more

How US used car prices will affect Australian inflation and house prices

Ever since the resurgence of global inflation in 2021 first started rising above central bank targets, Australians in the developed world have been able to look around and say “at least ours isn’t as bad as (fill in the country here) in)”. While this remains the case in terms of the contrast between Australia and … Read more

Elon Musk promises to reinstate Donald Trump after poll on Twitter

Elon Musk has confirmed he will restore former US President Donald Trump’s Twitter account after putting the decision to a vote. The controversial poll began on Saturday (AEDT) and about 52 percent voted yes, after Musk claimed the poll received 1 million votes an hour. “Fascinating watching Twitter Trump poll!” Musk tweeted. The billionaire followed … Read more

King Charles’ plan to do away with the Queen’s Loyal Staff stirs up palace ‘fear’

King Charles is about to cause a major royal stir by firing the late Queen’s loyal staff, sources say. It is thought that His Majesty will reduce the workforce at the Windsor estate in an effort to slim down the monarchy. The sun reports. According to figures released this summer, there were 491 full-time employees … Read more

Phoenix man Jasen Hudgens murder-suicide wife Marla, twin daughters

An American man killed his wife, their young son and six-month-old twin daughters before committing suicide at the family’s home, police said. Investigators said Thursday the tragedy is being investigated as a murder-suicide, with the father, 44-year-old Jasen Hudgens, believed to be the only suspect in the murder, the New York Post reports. The victims … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo: Manchester United are suing Portuguese star

Manchester United are preparing to take legal action against Cristiano Ronaldo over his amazing interview with Piers Morgan. Ronaldo has ripped the club apart in a two-night one-on-one world exclusive that has turned football upside down. SunSport revealed exclusively this week that the club wanted to tear up his contract. A statement from the club … Read more

Megyn Kelly criticizes Meghan Markle’s Archetypes podcast

American journalist Megyn Kelly has once again delivered a ruthless swipe at Meghan Markle, saying the royal is “really tough”. During Wednesday’s episode of Paul Murray is aliveavailable to stream on Flash, the Sky News Australia contributor revealed “what really annoys her the most” to the Duchess of Sussex’s podcast, Archetypes. “What really annoys me … Read more

Donald Trump slams Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for losing in midterm elections

Former President Donald Trump has once again torn up Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell by declaring it was the Kentucky congressman’s “fault” for the Republican Party’s misfortune in the Senate. While Republicans still have a chance to flip the House, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto’s victory over GOP challenger Adam Laxalt in Nevada on Saturday, local … Read more

Conflict between Japan and China: Superpower braces for war with Beijing

Japan is concerned. A close neighbor talks tough. It wants control of Tokyo’s southernmost islands, shipping lanes and oil reserves. Now that talk relentlessly marches to action. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida promised last weekend that he would prepare for aggression. “We must prepare for an era where actors break the rules and use force or … Read more

Megyn Kelly Blows Out Meghan Markle Over ‘Duchess Difficult’ Whining

American journalist Megyn Kelly has berated Meghan Markle and called the royal “ignorant” after her recent podcast episode about “difficult” women. In the latest episode of her Spotify series archetypesthe Duchess of Sussex seemed to hit back at her nickname “Duchess Difficult” calling it a “code word for b***h”. The former To grab actress said … Read more