Idaho student murders: Neighbor Jeremy Reagan denies involvement in death

A neighbor of the four murdered University of Idaho students has denied online rumors that he may be responsible for the shocking crime — and has blasted the “ruthless” social media sleuths behind the dangerous speculation. Jeremy Reagan, a third-year law student who describes himself as “socially awkward,” has attracted attention on social media for … Read more

NATO tries to reassure Russia’s neighbors as Moscow attacks Ukraine on multiple fronts

A destroyed building in Bakhmut, Donetsk region, Ukraine, on Nov. 29.YEVHEN TITOV/AFP/Getty Images Russia said its troops had moved forward in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday and Kiev said Moscow was “up to something” in the south, while NATO sought to support other countries fearing destabilization from Moscow. Ukraine’s general staff previously said its troops had … Read more

Next week will be crucial for the oil markets

The next few days will be one of the most crucial days for the oil market in weeks, as several events and factors can simultaneously determine price trends towards the end of this year and beyond. While China’s zero-Covid policy and protests against that policy weigh negatively on market sentiment, the OPEC+ meeting on December … Read more

Ukraine says atrocities encountered during Russian troop withdrawal could be genocide – National

As the Ukrainian army liberates territory from Russian occupation, authorities say they are finding evidence of atrocities and crimes against humanity that could amount to genocide. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko said the findings point to the need for a special tribunal. But Ukraine’s allies, including Canada, question the proposal. Nikolenko called the evidence … Read more

Europe’s anti-American itch – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Voiced by artificial intelligence. BERLIN — It has turned cold in Europe, the economy is collapsing and the natives are getting restless. There is only one answer: blame America. Pointing across the Atlantic has long been a favored diversionary tactic for Europe’s political elites when things start to … Read more

China and India buy Russian crude oil at a 40% discount

The European Union on Friday again not come to an agreement on a price cap on Russian oil, with the easternmost members of the bloc, including Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, objecting that the proposed $60-$70 per barrel for Russian crude oil is too generous and much higher the rates at which Russia is currently … Read more

China Covid protests: the awkward silence of the foreign ministry spokesman during the press conference

A top Chinese official is temporarily speechless after being asked about the country’s ongoing protests against its zero-Covid policy. The brutally awkward silence by Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian — called a “breakdown” and “complete breakdown” by social media users — came after a question from a Reuters journalist. “Given the widespread anger and frustration … Read more

NATO says Russia is using “winter as a weapon of war” as air raid sirens blare across Ukraine

Air raid sirens wailed for the first time in Ukraine this week, as NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of weaponizing the harsh northern winter. Most important points: NATO allies said the aid package included cash, electricity transmission equipment and more weapons Russia’s attacks on energy infrastructure have left millions of Ukrainians … Read more

Australian SAS soldiers in Russian PR stunt for Wagner Group

A pair of elite Australian SAS soldiers stand with their service weapons and an imposing military dog ​​in front of a US Black Hawk helicopter in Afghanistan’s mountainous province of Uruzgan. Behind the lens, US military photographer Gagan Dhiman instructs the pilot in the helicopter to maneuver it into position. The image, taken in 2013, … Read more

Kherson: Russians bomb the city of Ukraine just two weeks after withdrawing

Kherson, Ukraine CNN — A pool of blood-stained water and the charred wreckage of a car mark the spot in Kherson where Russian shells surged into the city on Thursday, killing four and shattering any sense of calm, according to local officials. Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that he annexed this region and that the … Read more