Car burns out and plunges off cliff in Auckland, New Zealand

Two people miraculously escaped with only minor injuries after a car plunged off a steep cliff in eastern Auckland – apparently after its occupants reportedly suffered burnouts. A police spokesman said they were made aware of the incident at Musik Point, Bucklands Beach around 5:30pm on Sunday. New Zealand Herald reports. Two occupants of the … Read more

San Francisco police want permission to use robots with lethal force

The San Francisco Police Department has requested the use of robots capable of “lethal force” in high-risk scenarios. A policy paper obtained by The Verge document showed the department’s plan for its platoon of 17 robots going forward. Under the proposal, the department plans to use them for “training and simulations, criminal arrests, critical incidents, … Read more

New Zealand teenager in V8 Holden Commodore destroys cars during a burnout

Wild footage has surfaced of a teenage boy losing control of a V8 Holden Commodore while showing off to friends, skidding into a parked car and damaging another. The accident happened Sunday afternoon at the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial Park on Bastion Point near Mission Bay in Auckland during a gathering of a group of … Read more

Phoenix man Jasen Hudgens murder-suicide wife Marla, twin daughters

An American man killed his wife, their young son and six-month-old twin daughters before committing suicide at the family’s home, police said. Investigators said Thursday the tragedy is being investigated as a murder-suicide, with the father, 44-year-old Jasen Hudgens, believed to be the only suspect in the murder, the New York Post reports. The victims … Read more