New Sony PlayStation 5 game consoles coming soon in India

Tech giant Sony is reportedly planning to launch its new PlayStation 5 game consoles in the Indian market soon. According to GizmoChina, Sony has recently started shipping new models – which are said to be more energy efficient and lighter than the original launch versions – of the PlayStation 5 in the country. The … Read more

Marvel Fans Divided Over Official AAA Games Multiverse Update

Ever since Marvel Studios hit gold with the MCU, connected universes fueled by sequels, spin-offs, and multimedia expansions have become the norm. DC, Star Wars, Game of Thrones and more all have plans for major expansions in the coming years. So as connected universes become more and more common, especially in the superhero world, one … Read more

PS Plus should be for old games, not new game releases

god of war Sony If you want even more clear proof that Sony has no plans to follow Microsoft’s lead of the first launch of exclusive games on Game Pass, here’s PlayStation’s Shuhei Yoshida, making very clear how he sees PS Plus in the games lifecycle on Playstation: “For Extra, our approach is that we … Read more

Trailers offer a glimpse into the future of gaming | To live

In recent days, Sony and Nintendo showed what the consoles have to offer gamers in the future. Sony’s state of affairs started with a showing of a Tekken 6 battle trailer. Rise of the Ronin appears to be an action-packed samurai-style game set in 19th century Japan. The trailer showed a varied combat style: the … Read more

JBL Launches Quantum 350 Wireless Gaming Headphones for PC, XBOX and PlayStation in India

Don’t let wires hold back your high score. Introducing the JBL Quantum 350 Wireless gaming headset. The latest addition to the JBL Quantum series in India is designed to bring the competitive advantage of the fully wireless JBL QuantumSOUND Signature to PC and console gamers. The JBL Quantum 350 Wireless is available at an introductory … Read more

Ypsilanti’s Game Pawn Brings Back Retro Gaming

YPSILANTI, Mich. – Garrett Pyatt and Cam Sohrabi never thought that buying and selling video games would become their careers. The two friends met in high school and started selling games to earn some extra money. They sold their own games, their friends used games and even some video games they found at garage sales … Read more

PlayStation under fire with new lawsuit

Sony came under fire this week after a new lawsuit was filed against the company involving the PlayStation gaming brand. In a general sense, we have seen lawsuits arise in the past against various game companies such as Nintendo, Xbox and more. More often than not, these past lawsuits usually involve faulty hardware. Conversely, these … Read more

netflix cloud gaming: Netflix increases hiring for its cloud gaming dream

Streaming giant Netflix has stepped up its dream of going big in Cloud gaming as the company is looking for professionals for Cloud gaming services such as Sony PlayStation Now, Google Stadia, Apple Arcade and Amazon Luna. According to Protocol, the streaming service is looking for a security product manager with experience in handling “cloud … Read more

‘Clearing customers’: PlayStation sued over game pricing

Sony PlayStation has been in trouble lately and millions of UK customers of the games console giant could claim damages of 5 billion pounds ($5.9 billion) if a new legal claim against the gaming giant is successful. A class action brought against the company in the Competition Appeal Tribunal accuses it of “framing” customers with … Read more

Sony May Release PC Games Launcher, Spider-Man Files Reveal

Photo: Joe Buglewicz (Getty Images) With his recent high profile PC releases of previously exclusive games Like it god of war and Horizon Zero Dawn, Sony seems to be making a shift to market its video game business as a hybrid console PC company. utilitiesnew datamined files referring to a PlayStation PC game launcher could … Read more