Korean Twitch and YouTube streamer Mhyochi ‘molested’ on live stream in India

A Korean woman live streaming in the Indian city of Mumbai was allegedly assaulted by two men in a video that has gone viral. Hyojeong Park, known as Mhyochi, was walking to her hotel in Khar at 11:50 p.m. Tuesday when a man put his arm around the 24-year-old’s neck and kissed her on the … Read more

Paul Hogan Roast: Tom Gleeson’s most brutal jokes

Crocodile Dundee star and Aussie icon Paul Hogan grabbed a savage roast during a celebrity-filled TV special on Seven on Tuesday night. Celebrities like Ketti-Anne Kennerley, Ernie Dingo, Shane Jacobson and John Paul Young lined up to crack the good-hearted jokes with the acting veteran, who took the stage to bask in all the barbed … Read more

Brett Finch: How Coke Triggered the Fall of an NRL Star

It was the deal for two grams of cocaine that sent Brett Finch tumbling from the heights of rugby league to a social pariah and staring down the course of a jail term. At the height of his career, Finch was a star — a premiership winner, a home state hero retiring from a successful … Read more

Matthew Perry Reveals Secret Relationship With Julia Roberts, In Love With Jennifer Aniston

Friends superstar Matthew Perry has shared his extraordinary love life for the first time, revealing his affairs with some of the world’s most beautiful ladies. He secretly dated Julia Roberts after she bombarded him with flirty messages, enjoyed a raunchy tryst with Gwyneth Paltrow in a closet, and was so in love with Jennifer Aniston … Read more

British tourist ordered Mallorca hotel worker to perform sexual acts

A tourist who ordered a Mallorcan hotel worker to have sex with him after pulling his pants down has escaped prison. The man, 27, from the UK, reportedly knocked on random doors after a drunken night out and grabbed his victim’s wrist as she answered, The sun reports. Then he told her, “Go down, go … Read more

Kelly’s pub in Cranbourne under fire for making fun of Queen’s death

At a time of mourning for one of Australia’s most beloved monarchs, a Melbourne pub has taken the opportunity to use the Queen’s death to promote their lunchtime menu. Kelly’s Hotel in Cranbourne posted a series of “insensitive” comments on their Facebook page, featuring photos of Prince Harry looking sad to urge customers to take … Read more

Hairdresser reveals sick ‘happy end’ texts

An Asian-Australian hairdresser has posted what she believes is one of hundreds of text messages from male clients asking her to perform sexual acts on them. Amy Tran, owner of the Walk In Barber Shop in Geraldton, Western Australia, said she’s had enough of customers who assume “Asians are mostly prostitutes”. Since opening her shop … Read more