TV host fired after going villainous on air in defense of ex-colleague: Report

A Los Angeles news anchor was fired after criticizing his own on-air station for the way it handled the abrupt departure of his former co-anchor from the air, a report said. Mark Mester, of KTLA, was suspended and then given the boot after delivering a surprising, off-script defense from former co-anchor and friend Lynette Romero … Read more

Neena Pacholke: Wisconsin morning news anchor dead at age 27 from apparent suicide

A morning news anchor died suddenly on Saturday at the age of 27 in an apparent suicide. The news of the death of WAOW host Neena Pacholke left her family and colleagues stunned, and she was remembered for her infectious smile and cheerful demeanor, the New York Post reported. “Neena Pacholke, our beloved morning anchor … Read more