G7 begins to pressure Russia over Ukraine with an oil price cap

Russia says it will not export oil with a limit Zelenskiy says the price cap will do little to deter Russia Ukrainian regions are resorting to planned blackouts Ukrainian troops hold positions along the frontline – Zelenskiy Russia says troops are conducting successful operations in Bakhmut KYIV, Dec 5 (Reuters) – A Group of Seven … Read more

NATO tries to reassure Russia’s neighbors as Moscow attacks Ukraine on multiple fronts

A destroyed building in Bakhmut, Donetsk region, Ukraine, on Nov. 29.YEVHEN TITOV/AFP/Getty Images Russia said its troops had moved forward in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday and Kiev said Moscow was “up to something” in the south, while NATO sought to support other countries fearing destabilization from Moscow. Ukraine’s general staff previously said its troops had … Read more

NATO says Russia is using “winter as a weapon of war” as air raid sirens blare across Ukraine

Air raid sirens wailed for the first time in Ukraine this week, as NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of weaponizing the harsh northern winter. Most important points: NATO allies said the aid package included cash, electricity transmission equipment and more weapons Russia’s attacks on energy infrastructure have left millions of Ukrainians … Read more

14 years later, NATO renews a pledge to Ukraine

BUCHAREST (AP) — NATO returns to the scene of one of its most controversial decisions on Tuesday, intending to reiterate its vow that Ukraine — now entering its 10th month of war against Russia — will one day join the world’s largest military alliance. NATO foreign ministers will meet for two days at the Palace … Read more

Snowy Kiev is struggling with power outages for fear of new attacks

Ukraine is rushing to repair infrastructure hit by Russia Winter starts with an energy shortage of about 20% Party boss says next week could be ‘very difficult’ KYIV, Nov 27 (Reuters) – Snow fell in Kyiv and temperatures hovered around freezing on Sunday, as millions in and around the Ukrainian capital struggled with power supply … Read more

More shelling in Kherson as Ukraine gradually regains power | War news Russia-Ukraine

The Ukrainian city of Kherson has suffered multiple attacks for a second day in an escalation of shelling since Russia pulled out of the city two weeks ago after an eight-month occupation. Ukrainian officials said Russia continued to bomb Kherson on Friday and at least 10 people were killed in the previous day’s attacks. Yaroslav … Read more

Germany is in talks with allies over Polish insistence on sending Patriots to Ukraine

NATO says the decision on whether to deploy Patriots depends on a specific country Poland asked to send German launchers to Western Ukraine BERLIN/WARSAW, Nov 25 (Reuters) – Germany said on Friday it was discussing with allies Poland’s request to send German Patriot air defense units to Ukraine after the NATO chief suggested the military … Read more

Red tape, pitfalls and politics hamper NATO’s defense effort as threat from Russia mounts

Europe is waking up to a new need to defend itself since Russia invaded Ukraine. When children in Lithuania returned to class this fall, some of their schools were marked with new stickers: hundreds have been designated as bomb shelters. In Finland, armed forces have assembled modular military fortifications and practiced landing jets on the … Read more

‘Playing with fire’: UN warns as a team to inspect damage to Ukrainian nuclear power plant

IAEA chief warns: ‘You are playing with fire!’ after explosions Russia, Ukraine trade debt for shelling President Zelensky says the eastern region has been hit by heavy artillery ‘Fierce battles’ in the Donetsk region, says Zelensky LONDON/LVIV, Ukraine, Nov 21 (Reuters) – The head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog has warned that whoever fired artillery … Read more

Russia is trying to exhaust Ukraine’s air defenses, a Pentagon official says

WASHINGTON, Nov. 19 (Reuters) – Russia’s increase in missile strikes against Ukraine is in part designed to deplete Kiev’s air defense supplies and eventually achieve dominance of the airspace over the country, a senior Pentagon official said on Saturday . Russia has been bombarding cities across Ukraine with rocket attacks for the past week, in … Read more