Monkeypox death reported in California, believed to be first in US – National

A Los Angeles County resident with a compromised immune system has died of monkey pox, local health officials announced Monday. This is believed to be the first American fatality from the disease. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health released the cause of death, and a spokesman said it was confirmed by an autopsy. … Read more

Can your pet get infected with monkey pox?

The first case of human-to-animal transmission monkeypox has been reported in Paris. Published in The Lancetthe case of “a dog with a confirmed monkeypox virus infection that may have been contracted through human transmission,” involves two men and their pet Italian Greyhound. The magazine added that the men developed anal ulceration six days after having … Read more

US to administer smaller doses of monkeypox vaccine to expand limited supplies – National

U.S. health officials Tuesday approved a plan to increase the country’s limited supply of monkeypox vaccine by giving people just one-fifth the usual dose, citing research suggesting the reduced amount is about as effective. The so-called dose-saving approach also requires the Jynneos vaccine to be given by injection just under the skin rather than into … Read more

Spain leads monkey pox outbreak in Europe as number of cases rises – National

As a sex worker and adult film actor, Roc was relieved to be one of the first Spaniards to receive a monkeypox vaccine. He knew of several cases of men who have sex with men, the main demographic for the disease, and he feared he could be next. “I went home and thought, ‘Wow, my … Read more

Monkeypox spreads tentacles, Covid curve rises again. Is India staring at another health crisis? News18 Discovered

At a time when the world seemed to be emerging from, or perhaps getting used to, the Covid pandemic, there is now another threat, monkeypox, which could spread in a public health emergency. While the World Health Organization (WHO) has so far maintained that the spread of monkeypox is not alarming and cannot be ruled … Read more

Monkey pox cases are on the rise in Canada – has the level of risk changed in the country? – National

Since its unusual emergence in the West this spring, monkeypox has been a topic of discussion among Canadians as officials work to limit its spread. On Wednesday, Canada reported a 59 percent increase in monkey pox cases over the past week — reflecting a trend of rising cases reported around the world. Read more: The … Read more