China’s markets collapse as protests break out over Covid lockdowns

Hong-Kong CNN affairs — Major stock indices and the Chinese currency opened sharply lower on Monday as widespread protests against the country’s strict Covid-19 restrictions over the weekend rocked investor sentiment. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng (HSI) index fell as much as 4.2% in early trading. It has since offset some losses and most recently traded … Read more

Social Security Update: First of two checks totaling $1,755 to arrive in five days

Rsupplemental security income recipients have less than a week before receiving their first of two payments in December. Eligible recipients will receive their first payment of $841 on Thursday, with an additional payment of $914 due December 30, totaling $1,755 for the month, according to the Social Security Administration. The second installment of December payments … Read more

‘We lost a third of our orders after the Tories raised taxes’

Small businesses were once the backbone of the UK economy. But the reality is bringing more and more sleepless nights, relentless fear and bank overdrafts as inflation wipes out Britain’s entrepreneurial dream. Many survived months of lockdown and then faced rising wholesale prices, huge jumps in energy costs and customers cutting back on non-essential expenses. … Read more

BC fiscal update shows $5.7 billion surplus, province ‘well positioned’

During its fiscal update press conference, the BC government announced Friday that the province’s operating surplus is $5.7 billion. “The county’s operating surplus is $5.7 billion, an improvement of $5 billion from the first quarter report,” the government said in a press release. The change was primarily due to a major update from the Canada … Read more

Sending a package via Canada Post this holiday season? Get ready to pay more – National

Canada Post is raising surcharges on domestic packages to nearly 40 percent as the price of living remains high across the country. On November 28, the postal service will increase the surcharge to 39.5 percent for domestic services, which Canada Post says should offset higher fuel prices. The fuel surcharge of 14 Nov. until 20 … Read more

Foxconn protests: iPhone factory offers to pay its workers to quit and leave Zhengzhou campus

Hong-Kong CNN affairs — Foxconn has offered to pay newly hired workers 10,000 yuan ($1,400) to quit and leave the world’s largest iPhone assembly plant, in a bid to quell protests that have seen hundreds clash with security forces at the compound in central China. The Apple supplier made the offer Wednesday after dramatic scenes … Read more

Food inflation bites. Here’s how grocery couponing can help Canadians save – National

Ten years ago, when she was a student, Kathleen Cassidy discovered the power of couponing when shopping for food. These days, with high food prices taking a bite out of Canadians’ pockets, Cassidy has turned to social media to share her experience of saving money at the grocery store. “Normally I save thousands of dollars … Read more

Two million pay 60 percent income tax

Sean McCann, of NFU Mutual, said: “By then, the threshold will not have changed for 18 years, dragging more and more people into the higher marginal tax rate as salaries rise to keep up with inflation.” He added: “Income between £100,000 and £125,140 is effectively taxed at 60 per cent, and if you add in … Read more

Legislation Alberta passes to re-index income taxes: Treasury Secretary

Alberta’s Treasury Secretary says legislation is coming next month to re-index both income tax brackets and benefits for seniors and severely disabled people. But Travis Toews says action on proposed new health spending bills won’t come until the spring budget. “There will be legislation in this fall meeting and it will certainly support the commitments … Read more

Canadian home sales rose last month for the first time since February – National

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) says last month’s home sales were their first monthly gain since February, but analysts say they don’t expect the market to pick up again as conditions have dipped below pandemic highs. The association revealed on Tuesday that October sales totaled 35,380, up 1.3 percent from September. They also rose … Read more