Gold Coast mom Justine Whitchurch overcomes alcohol addiction, looks 10 years younger

A mother has opened up about her crippling alcohol addiction and the heartbreaking moment she decided to turn her life around. Though approaching 50, Justine Whitchurch looks and feels younger than ever after overcoming her debilitating addiction to alcohol. The now 49-year-old first turned to the drug as a way to cope with her declining … Read more

Mental health: facts about stress you may not know | Health

While some stress is a normal part of life, chronic or persistent stress can lead to serious problems. Thus, stress is not a disease, but persistent and unmanaged stress can lead to numerous negative consequences. Imagine how one stressful thought after another feels in your body. If you take the time to pause and notice, … Read more

Female GPs say ‘inadequate’ Medicare rebates, pressure to bill patients en masse contributes to emotional burnout

For two years, Sarah McLay dug into her personal savings, sacrificed a paycheck to take home and ran her central Queensland medical practice at a loss of “several hundreds of thousands of dollars”. Most important points: A 2021 survey of 846 GPs found that 47 percent of weekly consultations by female GPs are related to … Read more

Diabetes Australia reveals mental health issues are most common complication for diabetics

New research has revealed a surprising frontrunner has emerged as the most common complication for people with diabetes. According to recent data from Diabetes Australia, mental health problems have emerged as the most common and least recognized complication of diabetes. The research shows that nearly half of the 1.5 million Australians with diabetes experience mental … Read more