6 everyday activities that naturally release dopamine in your brain

Dopamine is a feel-good chemical produced in your brain. Essentially, it makes you happy. And your brain releases it with certain activities and behaviors – many of which you already do every day. “Whenever we participate in activities that are considered essential from our body’s point of view, our brain releases a large amount of … Read more

New EU-funded project aims to find better strategies to protect vulnerable people from mental illness

To improve the understanding of mental health, current symptom-based diagnoses need to be supplemented with biological criteria that explain differences between individuals and genders. A major EU-funded research project, coordinated by Uppsala University, will follow an interdisciplinary path towards better strategies to protect vulnerable people from mental illness. Mental illness is a significant burden to … Read more

1 in 8 adults experienced depression for the first time during the pandemic

One in eight elderly people in Canadaaccording to recent large-scale research in which more than 20,000 participated, experienced their first episode of depression during the epidemic. The statistics were significantly worse for people who had previously struggled with depression. Nearly half (45 percent) of this population reported having depression by the fall of 2020. … Read more

Help your child overcome online gaming addiction with these simple steps

In today’s internet age, children have become accustomed to being glued to the screens for their daily dose of entertainment. In the era of playing games outdoors with their friends, most of them choose to sit in the comfort of their homes and play games on mobile phones, computers or laptops. However, what many parents … Read more

Nadia Bokody reveals borderline personality disorder diagnosis

Everything has gone pitch black. I have no depth perception. There isn’t even an ounce of color or a faint outline to guide me. It’s just terrifying, suffocating nothing. With every second that passes, I feel myself slipping further into the darkness. I’m starting to forget what’s real… This isn’t a nightmare or a bad … Read more

Gold Coast mom Justine Whitchurch overcomes alcohol addiction, looks 10 years younger

A mother has opened up about her crippling alcohol addiction and the heartbreaking moment she decided to turn her life around. Though approaching 50, Justine Whitchurch looks and feels younger than ever after overcoming her debilitating addiction to alcohol. The now 49-year-old first turned to the drug as a way to cope with her declining … Read more

Mental health labels can do more harm than good β€” here’s why

Louis Weinstock, a psychotherapist, recalls how a teenage girl with acute mental health problems, including self-harm and suicidal thoughts, confided that she was beginning to question whether or not her suffering was real. She had seen so many of her friends post about their “anxiety” and “depression” that “she felt like she wasn’t sick enough … Read more

Aaron Carter’s manager claims cyberbullying led to his death

Cyberbullying has left Aaron Carter “devastated” over time, his manager tells exclusively Page six. “It was like a nightmare,” Taylor Helgeson says of the incessant hatred the late former child star received. β€œIt was non stop. It was so relentless and, yes, it did him good. Carter was found tragically dead on November 5 at … Read more

NBL 2022: Melbourne United star Isaac Humphries comes out publicly, elicits overwhelming response from America

Melbourne United star Isaac Humphries has revealed he is gay and will become the only openly gay player in a top men’s basketball league. Humphries made the announcement in a video shared on his social media accounts, sharing the news with his NBL teammates. “We, as athletes, as professional athletes, have a responsibility to set … Read more