7 symptoms of a heart attack that can strike exactly one month early

A heart attack is a serious medical emergency and symptoms usually come on quickly. The main symptoms are usually chest pain and light-headedness or dizziness, says the UK’s National Health Service. However, research has found that there are seven symptoms that can strike a month before a fatal attack, The sun reports. Write in the … Read more

Ben Simmons Wrestling, Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant Trade Request, Kyrie Irving, Last

Where should the Brooklyn Nets go after their most devastating loss of the season? Just as their campaign was heading in the right direction, the Nets were crushed on Wednesday by the Sacramento Kings 153-121 (always AEDT) to fall to 6-9 The 153 points are the most awarded by the Nets in franchise history and … Read more

Aaron Carter dies aged 34: Singer found in bathtub at California home

Aaron Carter has been found dead in his California home, a spokesperson for the singer has confirmed. He was 34. Police were reportedly sent to the former pop star’s home around 11 a.m. local time on Saturday. This followed a call that a man had drowned in the bathtub. TMZ reports that detectives are investigating … Read more

Brett Finch: How Coke Triggered the Fall of an NRL Star

It was the deal for two grams of cocaine that sent Brett Finch tumbling from the heights of rugby league to a social pariah and staring down the course of a jail term. At the height of his career, Finch was a star — a premiership winner, a home state hero retiring from a successful … Read more

Young Australian women are diagnosed with ADHD thanks to TikTok

Ellie Round, 24, didn’t think adult women had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, believing it to be a problem that only affects young boys. So it was a surprise when she was diagnosed with neurodivergence in August of this year. “My personal life has always been a bit difficult, but I could never put my finger … Read more

Kanye West and model Juliana Nalú, 24, pictured on date

Kanye West may have found his newest muse despite the constant whirl of controversy he’s been in lately. New photos show the Yeezy fashion designer, 45, getting out of a luxury vehicle Saturday night with model Juliana Nalú, 24, before entering a clothing warehouse. Dressed in a short, gray cut-out dress and combat-style boots, West’s … Read more

Meghan Markle Archetypes: New Spotify Podcast Released

Meghan Markle criticized the TV shows How I Met Your Mother and Scrubs in her new Spotify podcast while discussing how women can be unfairly labeled “crazy”. The latest episode of Archetypes of the Duchess of Sussex – the second to be released since the Queen’s death – came out Tuesday night and started with … Read more

Prince William’s admission to mental health on BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

Prince William appeared to refer to the death of his mother Princess Diana and his feud with his brother Prince Harry on a mental health radio show. The Prince and Princess of Wales recorded a discussion for BBC Radio 1 when he spoke about how unprepared people can be for a sudden change in their … Read more

AFL News 2022: Tom Boyd Talks Mental Health Issues, Lifeline Ambassador

Tom Boyd’s decision to retire from professional football shocked the AFL community, but the Western Bulldogs champion remains adamant that he stepped out of the game at the right time. The talented Victorian had a seven-year, $7 million deal with the Bulldogs when he announced his retirement at age 23, leaving millions on the table. … Read more