London children are offered polio injection after more virus found in wastewater

LONDON (AP) – Children aged 1-9 in London were eligible for a booster dose of a polio vaccine on Wednesday after British health authorities reported finding evidence of the virus spreading in multiple parts of the city, but no cases of the paralytic have found disease in humans. The UK’s Health Security Agency said it … Read more

The Humble One Bed Flat In London Olivia Newton-John Called Home Nearly 50 Years Ago

Residents living in flats in a building where Olivia Newton-John bought her first London home – before she became world stars – have called for a blue plaque on the building to commemorate her life. The singer, who passed away on Sunday at the age of 73, invested in the modest one-bed apartment nearly 50 … Read more

Nearly 1 million children in London were offered polio boosters after virus was found in sewage

CNN — Children living in London will be offered an extra dose of the polio vaccine after the discovery of polio virus in sewage water in the British capital, health authorities announced on Wednesday. The UK’s Joint Vaccination and Immunization Committee said a targeted booster dose for inactivated polio vaccine should be offered to all … Read more

London children are offered polio injection after more virus found in wastewater

LONDON (AP) – British health authorities say they will offer a polio booster dose to children aged 1 to 9 in London after finding evidence that the virus has spread in multiple regions of the capital, despite there being no cases of the paralytic disease have been confirmed in humans. In a statement on Wednesday, … Read more

Children under 10 get polio boosters as virus returns to UK for first time in 40 years

Children under 10 get polio boosters as virus returns to UK for first time in 40 years Children under ten are offered polio booster vaccines after national incident was announced in June Polio can cripple or even kill, and experts suggest it’s spreading because of sewage samples By age two, nearly 95 percent of children … Read more

Prince Andrew’s payout to sex accuser Virginia Giuffre ‘was only $5.2 million’ despite reports of $21 million

Prince Andrew’s pay to prosecutor Virginia Giuffre was just a quarter of the reported $21 million. Sources told The sun his attorneys negotiated a $5.2 million to $8.74 million deal. That was so much money that the disgraced duke was able to quickly scrape together to stop her civil lawsuit. It could explain why Mrs. … Read more

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Rita Ora’s fiancé Taika Waititi has been rumored to have gotten married after the filmmaker was seen wearing something that resembled a wedding ring. Taika, 46, was seen wearing a piece of jewelry on his left finger while soaking up the rays and drinking a drink, in a photo taken by Rita’s sister Elena, The … Read more

UK: ‘Early signs’ that monkeypox outbreak is peaking

LONDON (AP) — British health authorities said on Friday that the monkeypox outbreak across the country may be peaking and the epidemic’s growth rate has slowed. The UK’s Health Security Agency said in a statement there were “early signs that the outbreak is leveling off”, with 2,859 cases since May. No deaths have been reported. … Read more

Elle Macpherson’s son Flynn is the spitting image of his billionaire financier father Arpad Busson

Flynn Busson, the son of billionaire Arpad Busson and Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson, looks like his father in new photos. Flynn, 24, shared photos on Instagram of himself driving the same speedboat his father, a moneylender, drove him around as a toddler. “22 years apart… 2022, 2012, 2000,” he posted alongside three photos of himself … Read more