Here are all the key inflation indicators heading into Wednesday’s big CPI report

Inflation at its highest level since the early 1980s likely cooled slightly in July, but is still rising at a blistering pace. Markets will be looking at a key data point on Wednesday showing where price pressures have been in August – the July Consumer Price Index report, which looks at a broad range of … Read more

Joe Biden is about to crash the global economy – again

This expenditure will inevitably stimulate demand. Inflation in the US is already above 9 pc. and shows little sign of coming under control. And, unlike in Europe, price increases are driven by increased demand, not limited supply. While European prices have been pushed up by the war in Ukraine, the US has not. It is … Read more

Wage inflation, used car prices may jump higher: Jim Bianco

According to market forecaster Jim Bianco, Washington’s efforts to curb inflation will fall especially short this year. And he believes this week’s key inflation data will help prove it. “I don’t see anything that will lower inflation. There are some things that could lower prescription drug prices and maybe a few other things,” the president … Read more

Gas prices have fallen. This is why inflation doesn’t

CNN — Petrol prices have been falling for more than 50 consecutive days, giving drivers much-needed financial support at the pump. But no one pops the champagne. While gas prices have played a major role in the current period of historic inflation, analysts warn there are a number of factors that will keep overall prices … Read more

Risk of significant reversal in gold price rally as inflation report looms, TD Securities says

(Kitco News) The strong employment report proved that the US economy is still growing, despite two consecutive negative quarterly GDP figures. And for gold, that means the price rally could be in jeopardy, according to TD Securities. Gold lost 1% on Friday in response to the US economy’s 528,000 job gains … Read more

UK withdrawals hit record high as Brits struggle with inflation

Post Office has attributed the record amount for in-person cash withdrawals in its 11,500 branches to more staycations in the UK and people using cash to manage their budget. gannet77 | Getty Images The UK post office, which offers both banking and postal services, processed a record £801 million ($967 million) in personal cash withdrawals … Read more

Treasury returns in focus after strong job growth figures

Treasury yields fell Monday after unexpectedly robust jobs data increased the likelihood of aggressive rate hikes by the Federal Reserve. The benchmark 10-year Treasury yield declined 4 basis points to approximately 2.7993%, while the 30-year Treasury yield declined 2 basis points to 3.0383%. Yields move inversely to prices and a basis point equals 0.01%. That … Read more

Senate Vote on Tax and Climate Act: Live Updates

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats pushed through their election year economic package to the Senate on Sunday, a hard-won compromise less ambitious than President Joe Biden’s original domestic vision but one that still fulfills entrenched party goals to slow global warmingmoderating pharmaceutical costs and tax huge corporations. The estimated $740 billion package comes next to the … Read more

Governor Andrew Bailey’s catastrophe has spiraled out of control

“They have gone over the top in this. I don’t think serious economic analysts believe the Bank of England’s predictions anymore,” said Professor Douglas McWilliams, head of the Center for Economic and Business Research. “Inflation rates are way too high. [The] Bank was completely wrong when they said there was no problem with inflation building … Read more

Cities where house prices fall the most

Photo: Laura Gangi Pond (Shutterstock) Since its beginnings in the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everything, including home prices. In the beginning, various parts of the country had an influx of out-of-state buyers who lived in cities and were looking for a little more space. Their house prices have been rising, but … Read more