The Quietus | News | Wilko Johnson passed away

Photo by Leif Laaksonen Wilko Johnson, best known as the guitarist for Dr. Feelgood, passed away at the age of 75. A cause of death is not yet known. A post on Johnson’s social media accounts confirmed the news, saying: “This is the announcement we never meant to make, and we make this with a … Read more

The best $5 you’ll spend on gaming in 2022

‘Lunistice’ is arguably the best value for money in gaming this year. A grumpy fox There are few cheap, decent platformers out there, especially if you’re venturing into sub-$10 territory. But here we are, at the end of 2022, and a game selling for just $5 doesn’t just buck the usual trend – it offers … Read more

Get ready for a fun game season with hand-drawn adventure ‘A Winding Path’

Subscribe to Nintendo Life at YouTube From indie developer Three Eyed Games, A Winding Path will throw you into a fantasy world where it stops raining, the rivers dry up and the crops fail – sounds nice, right? Fortunately, this monochrome adventure is all about making this world right, and publisher Flynn’s Arcade has announced … Read more