2022 Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3i Gen 7 (15-inch) Review

Gaming laptops are generally misunderstood, people assume that gaming laptops are flashy, expensive and not that portable. Lenovo’s IdeaPad range aims to break these stereotypes. Lenovo’s 15-inch IdeaPad Gaming 3i Gen 7 has been one of our go-to laptops for day-to-day office workflows and evening gaming sessions, while its subtle non-gamer aesthetic has helped it … Read more

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 15IAH7 review: One of the most powerful RTX 3050 Ti laptops

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The HP Victus 15 brings solid gaming performance to the masses

Photo: Prakhar Khanna/Gizmodo The gaming laptops we cover here tend to be on the expensive side, thanks to the latest high-end chips and graphics inside. But from college students to those who care more about access to new games than fidelity, there’s a whole market of gaming laptops that cost less than $1000. Enter the … Read more