James Cameron shares some embarrassing Leonardo DiCaprio stories

Kate Winslet, James Cameron and Leonardo DiCaprioPhoto: HAL GARB (AFP via Getty Images) James Cameron is an old hand in this Hollywood press cycle affair. He knows that if you want your movie to break even by being one of the highest-grossing movies ever, you have to tell some funny, slightly humiliating stories about your … Read more

Avatar 2 reportedly needs $2 billion to break even

Screenshot: 20th century Here’s something you probably don’t want to hear if you’re a powerhouse movie manager avatar producer 20th Century or their new corporate overlords at Disney: director James Cameron to name its own sequel, The way of the water, “the worst business case in movie history.” But apparently that’s what he did! According … Read more

Anjelica Huston joins Ana de Armas’ John Wick spin-off

Angelica HustonPhoto: Rich Fury/Getty Images for LACMA The head of the ballerina killers of the John Wick universe will appear in the movie about the ballerina assassins from the John Wick universe, with The Hollywood Reporter to confirm that Anjelica Huston will reprise her role as The Director in the spin-off starring Ana de Armas … Read more

James Cameron takes us back to Pandora

Let’s go underwater on Pandora.Image: disney In James Cameron’s career so far, he has made exactly three sequels. A, Piranha II, was his first feature film. It gets a pass. The other TWO, Aliens and Terminator 2: doomsday, are undoubtedly two of the best sequels ever made. That’s why, with only a few short weeks … Read more

The Game Awards want to be gaming’s Oscars, but they’re actually the Super Bowl

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images) Every Friday, AV club staffers start our weekly open thread discussing game plans and recent game glory, but of course the real action is in the comments, where we invite you to answer our eternal question: What are you playing this weekend? Now entering its eighth year – with the … Read more

PS5 Spider-Man sequel recasts Harry Osborne due to actor’s age

Photo: Michael Tullberg (Getty Images) Insomnia 2018 Spider-Man was a very good open world superhero game with a large cast of villains, heroes and supporting characters such as Aunt May and Mary Jane. It also featured the voice of Peter Parker’s friend, Harry Osborn, who did not physically appear in the game, but was heard … Read more

Why when you’re cold you have to pee

Photo: anetapics (Shutterstock) Imagine yourself outside in a cold winter landscape. Your toes feel cold and the cold air stings your face. Sounds are muffled by the snow. You may odor a kind of clean freshness in the air. And your bladder most likely feels like it’s about to burst. What’s with That? It’s not … Read more

Season 5, Episode 5, “The Way Ahead”

The crown Photo: Netflix [Editor’s note: The A.V. Club will publish episode recaps of The Crown’s fifth season every weekday at 1 a.m. Eastern through November 22. The following details episode five.] It’s all happening! The revenge dress! tampongate! After almost half a season setting up the dominoes of the War of the Waleses, The … Read more

Margot Robbie’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie Dead in the Water

Photo: Gareth Cattermole (Getty Images) Back in 2020, Margot Robbie and her Birds of prey author, Christina Hodson, announced that they were working on a movie for the pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Robbie would star and Hodson took up the pen for the female-led episode. While the Hollywood Reporter said Jerry Bruckheimer, the old … Read more

Shatterpoint Miniatures game announced by Asmodee

Star Wars has a long, long history on the tabletop, or it’s through RPGsspace-based strategy games like X-wing and Armadaor miniaturized ground warfare from the halcyon days of the Wizards of the Coast and Star Wars: Legion. Now, as Yoda once said, there is… another. Star Wars: Shatterpoint Announcement Trailer 02:27 The first things to … Read more