Cancer signs and symptoms: a small sign that led to the ‘terrifying’ diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 23-year-old

At 23, Ruby Walvin embraced life. The young British woman was a musician, busy performing and studying songwriting at a performing arts institute in Liverpool. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Ruby Walvin explains the symptoms that led to her cancer at 23 For more health and wellness news and videos, visit Health and wellness >> So … Read more

Khosta-2: COVID-bound virus in Russian horseshoe bats found to be transmissible to human cells

A virus in bats in Russia has been found to bind to human cells, in a discovery followed by public health experts who have been hypervigilant about zoonotic diseases since the COVID-19 pandemic. In a further finding in the study published in the peer-reviewed medical journal PLOS Pathogens, Khosta-2 virus appears to be resistant to … Read more

Australian YouTuber Sara Holmes dies 31 months after returning home

An Australian Youtuber known for sharing her experiences in South Korea has died after a months-long battle with cancer. YouTube star Sara Holmes was only back in Australia for a few days before being taken to the emergency room with back pain and then diagnosed with leukemia, after being away for years due to COVID … Read more

Signs of colon cancer: Australian mother’s desperate Google search led to devastating diagnosis after symptoms subsided

A mother of two has described how a desperate Google search led to a devastating diagnosis after doctors dismissed her excruciating stomach pain for months. Amanda Crossley, from Queensland, started experiencing debilitating pain when she was 20 weeks pregnant – but was told several times that there was nothing wrong with her. WATCH THE VIDEO … Read more

What makes mosquito bites itch, what to do about it and why the leeches are more attracted to certain people?

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British mother’s Ibuprofen warning after son’s reaction during chickenpox fight

A mother who treated her son with ibuprofen has given other parents a desperate warning after scabs and dark bruises on his skin indicated a dangerous reaction was taking place. She was given the usual pain-relieving medication recommended by a doctor who didn’t know it shouldn’t be used to treat chickenpox. British mother of three, … Read more

Tomato flu can be hand, foot and mouth disease, expert says – but there’s one key difference

Is tomato flu a worrying new virus – or just a harmless disease already prevalent in Australia? Scientists say tomato flu, found in more than 80 children under the age of five in India, is likely hand, foot and mouth disease, with an essentially zero death rate. Tomato flu in India was brought to the … Read more

Doctors dismissed Rebecca’s “itching” as “overreacting.” Then came the ‘huge blow’

A young woman has revealed the symptoms she was experiencing that turned out to be a sign of rare cancer – with doctors initially telling her it “probably wouldn’t be anything”. Rebecca Dennis, 22, from London, knew something wasn’t right after finding a lump on her neck in April this year. After consulting her dentist … Read more

‘Tidal Wave of Risk’: Study Reveals Scary Warning for Men

The number of prostate cancers is expected to increase by a staggering 43 percent over the next 20 years, with 630,000 men at twice the risk due to family history, new data has revealed. According to the research, the number of men diagnosed will increase from more than 240,000 currently to 372,000 by 2040. More … Read more