Meta may remove news from Facebook if the US Congress passes the media law

Facebook parent company Meta has threatened to remove news from its platform if the US Congress passes a proposal to make it easier for news organizations to negotiate collectively with companies like Google and Alphabet’s Facebook. Most important points: The bill would allow news publishers to jointly negotiate with tech companies a fee for access … Read more

Microsoft Now Home To The Largest Union Push In Gaming

Image: Microsoft/Kotaku The recent wave of labor organization in the gaming industry has just exploded. About 300 quality assurance employees Zen Maxincluding developers in Bethesda and other studios for games like Star field and Older roles online, announced today that they will be uniting with the Communications Workers of America. And as opposed to industrial … Read more

How to get started with the best Cloud gaming services on Mac

[Garret Morrow/Pexels] AppleInsider may earn an affiliate commission for purchases made through links on our site. While gaming on the Mac gets better every day, cloud gaming is one way to get AAA games on macOS today. Here’s how to get started with the top three cloud gaming services. Historically, the words “gaming” … Read more

iion launches ‘immersiion’ platform that redefines monetization for gaming

COMPANY NEWS: With over 264 million and growing APAC profiled users across all platforms, immersiion is also the only advertising platform to focus on media across mobile, PC, console, cloud and e-sports gaming platforms. There is ample evidence to show that gaming is a thriving industry, emerging as a dominant form of socialization and recreation, … Read more

British regulators want Apple to open its App Store to cloud gaming

Photo: Chris Delmas/AFP (Getty Images) Apple’s walled garden is a nice place to be if you want a hassle-free experience with technology. But the bushy greens and red roses don’t necessarily indicate you’re getting the most out of the device in your hand. The British Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), a government agency, has done … Read more

Best cloud gaming services, from Xbox Game Pass to GeForce Now

Screenshot: Florence Ion/Gizmodo Luna is best for people who don’t want to commit. I still occasionally play with Amazon Luna on the Fire TV Stick connected to the TV in my living room. The game I am currently playing is Hokko life; I was already tracking the price on Steam when I saw it was … Read more

Stunning Pixel Fold leaks, Asus’ immortal gaming phone, OnePlus becomes first

A look back at seven days of news and headlines around the world of Android, this week’s Android Circuit features Samsung Galaxy S23 software details, Pixel 7a leak, Pixel Fold specs, Qualcomm’s new SnapDragon, OnePlus poised to be first, an immortal smartphone from Asus ROG, and DuckDuckGo offers another privacy win. Android Circuit is here … Read more

Season 4, Episode 10, “It Was All a Dream”

LaKeith Stanfield as DariusPhoto: Guy D’Alema/FX With this brilliant episode, Atlanta is over. I tried going into this series finale with no expectations, but of course I had a few. I expected it to be non-traditional in there Atlanta way, which for me was chill by default. Even the trailer looked pretty quiet, thoughthough it … Read more

6 Most Common Online Threats For Gamers

While these games provide players with a valuable social and recreational experience, they also put them right in the middle of the various security threats lurking online. So, if you’re an avid gamer, keep reading to learn about the six most common security threats that gamers constantly face and easy tips to avoid them. The … Read more

Gaming on mobile: the power issue

Published: Date of publication – 12:15 pm, Mon – October 17, 22 By Aditya Deshbandhu Before diving into this article, let me reveal by stating that I received my Pixel 7 Pro earlier last week and I’ve been extremely impressed with its performance so far. The software, gesture-based interfaces, photography and battery life were top-notch … Read more