Horror game developers accused of harboring ‘sex plague’

Kinetic Games, the studio behind indie darling Phasmophobia, a cooperative ghost-hunting horror game, has apologized after it was accused of “housing a sex plague” on the game’s official Discord server. As reported by Eurogamer, a Twitter user named CrownedCollider posted a wire who accused the developers of Phasmophobia of maintaining a sexual predator as an … Read more

Twitch lowers streaming resolution in South Korea to 720p due to ‘rising costs’

Twitch has announced that it will lower the maximum resolution for Twitch broadcasts in South Korea to 720p due to rising operating costs. This decision stems from a new law in South Korea that requires content providers to pay “delivery fees” to deliver content through Korean Internet service providers or ISPs. Essentially, this new law … Read more

Pokimane Says Twitch Has Changed “Dramatically”

One of the world’s most popular female content creators, Imane “Pokimane” Anys, has talked about how Twitch, a video game streaming platform, has changed “dramatically” for female streamers. Pokimane is one of the earlier users of Twitch and started streaming in 2013. Early in her career, she faced a series of abuse and hate speech, … Read more

Ubisoft launches ‘big AAA games’ for $70, starting with Skull & Bones

It seems that Ubisoft is the latest game publisher to push a new price point for mass releases. In an interview with axiosUbisoft CEO Yves Guillemot confirmed that the pirate adventure in the open world Skull and Bones costs $70 at launch. It won’t be the company’s only release to sell for that amount, either. … Read more

Women-only game event raises $215,000 for charity

Frame Fatales, an all-female video game speedrunning event, held their annual summer event, raising more than $215,000 AUD for the charity ‘Malala Fund’. Frame Fatales is a “speedrunning” event, that is, an event where games are completed as quickly as humanly possible, using a combination of technique, glitches and game knowledge to do so. Many … Read more