What happened to Richard Simmons? Birth Defect Made Fitness Icon A Recluse

For over three decades, it seemed like you couldn’t go anywhere in America without seeing Richard Simmons. The flamboyant fitness guru was a ubiquitous force, presenting infomercials, publishing cookbooks and selling tens of millions of workout videos that forever revolutionized the workout industry. From 1980, the frizzy, gleefully eccentric entertainer was also a fixture on … Read more

Woman faces murder for setting her boyfriend on fire

A woman set her boyfriend on fire at a Texas gas station, “melting the skin off his body,” police said. The boyfriend, Ricky Doyle, 25, died Wednesday at a Dallas hospital from burns suffered in the horrific July 18 attack, according to Texas police. The New York Post reported that Doyle and his girlfriend, Breana … Read more