The tighter monetary policy affects mortgage rates, homeowners

Data: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development; Graphics: Axios Visuals As central banks around the world quickly raise interest rates, policymakers Outside the US will find it has more strength to curb demand. The reason boils down to the unique way Americans finance their homes. Why it matters: Americans tend to take out mortgages with … Read more

Business is still doing well, even as recession fears are mounting

Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios Leaders can be to talk about recession risks more on conference calls for investors. But if you look at what they actually are doing, things look a little different. Send the news: The country’s largest companies reported record levels of capital expenditure (capex) — investments in buildings, new machinery or technology. Why … Read more

Why does Canada not own gold?

Gold is money, period. It’s not a shiny pet, as the crypto crowd might want to believe. And it is not an antique tool that has lost its purpose in this new digital world. It has been used as money for thousands of years and while paper currency has all come and gone (usually down … Read more

Ray Dalio sees more pain ahead in this debt cycle

Ray Dalio founded Bridgewater Associates in his Manhattan apartment in 1975 and grew it into a hedge fund behemoth — with about $150 billion in assets — through astute analysis of macroeconomic trends. Over time, he developed a set of principles, later articulated in speeches, tweets and books, that helped shape the company’s culture of … Read more

ASX Adds About $60 Billion After Cooling Inflation Drives Wall Street Shopping Craze

Australian equities rose after weaker-than-expected inflation data delivered the largest gains on Wall Street in more than two and a half years. Most important points: The US benchmark stock index rallied 5.5 percent overnight Australia’s major stock indices followed with gains around half that level The Australian dollar rose more than 2 cents as the … Read more

The Fed’s key inflation data is lagging behind the economy. Why that’s a problem.

Font size The Fed’s flexible average inflation target makes it more reliant on lagging indicators, writes David Beckworth. Graeme Sloan/Bloomberg About the author: David Beckworth is a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and a former international economist at the US Treasury Department. The Federal Reserve is conducting a historic … Read more

ASX Down, Wall Street Collapses as Federal Reserve Continues to Raise Rates Aggressively

The Australian stock market has fallen sharply after Wall Street shares plunged in response to further rate hikes to curb inflation. Most important points: The ASX 200 fell 1.8 percent over lunch On Wall Street, the Nasdaq fell 3.4 percent The US Federal Reserve has raised interest rates by 0.75 percentage point The ASX 200 … Read more

Fed announces another jumbo rate hike. This is the impact on your finances.

The Federal Reserve again turned to its most powerful weapon to contain inflation on Wednesday, with the central bank raising interest rates for the sixth time in 2022. That means the cost of borrowing for consumers and businesses will continue to rise, an economic bottleneck that could have had a major impact on your finances. … Read more

The Federal Reserve Will Break Something And That’s Good For Gold – Axel Merk

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for the daily news with so much market volatility! Catch up in minutes with our quick round-up of the news to read today and expert opinions. Register here! (Kitco News) – Investors can expect gold prices to remain volatile for the foreseeable future as markets react to ever-changing … Read more