The Day Care Massacre in Thailand Unites Families and a Country in Mourning

Uthai Sawan, Thailand CNN — Smears of dried blood still stained the wooden floor of a classroom in northern Thailand on Friday, a day after the country’s worst massacre took place in perhaps one of the most unlikely places. At the Child Development Center Uthai Sawan, uncollected school bags stood on colored shelves, and pictures … Read more

Clinical study to investigate new tools to improve psychological treatment of adolescents with depression

Some studies have shown an alarming number of young people suffering from symptoms of depression. “We are talking about numbers reaching up to 60-80% of young people, including those with mild symptoms. And the numbers have probably increased with the pandemic,” explains Adrián Montesano, a researcher and member of the Faculty of Science. Psychology and … Read more

The days of the ‘slave clocks’ are numbered as the university decolonizes the curriculum

Time has passed for the terms “master” and “slave,” one university has ruled, as changes are made to the engineering vocabulary traditionally used to describe types of clocks. Timepieces often fall into the categories of either an accurate “master” device or the “slave” devices that follow it, in the manner of multiple clocks in schools … Read more

Australia’s public education funding declined amid the COVID pandemic

Australian governments cut education spending during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report, as most of the OECD did the opposite. Most important points: Australia was one of the minority of OECD countries whose government spending fell during COVID Australian teachers are paid better than OECD counterparts, but have longer … Read more

Iran protests: Security forces beat, shot and detained students at Tehran’s elite university as crackdown on protests escalated

CNN — When Farid’s friend called for help on Sunday, he jumped on his bicycle and quickly rode to Tehran’s Sharif University. ‘Please come rescue us. We’re stuck here. They’re shooting at us,” his friend said. Scenes of violence and “cruelty” met him as he arrived at the elite university campus, he said, where hundreds … Read more

Study examines link between different types of grain intake and early coronary artery disease

In one of the first studies examining the relationship between different types of grain intake and early coronary heart disease in the Middle East, researchers found that higher intake of refined grain was associated with an increased risk of early coronary heart disease in an Iranian population, while eating of whole grains was associated with … Read more

Hairdresser of John Paul College student weighs in on mul controversy

Alana Budd, the personal hairdresser of Petrina Wilson’s son, has spoken out about the controversy surrounding the John Paul College student’s school ban, saying she has noticed the boy’s mental health deteriorating since the ban was imposed. . The student’s ban began late last month after school authorities determined his haircut, a mullet with a … Read more

Raising awareness of sepsis, supporting the patient and improving survival outcomes

Can you introduce yourself and tell us more about the UK Sepsis Trust and its core mission? my name is dr. Ron Daniels, and I am an intensive care consultant based in Birmingham in the West Midlands, and I am also the founder and chief executive of the UK Sepsis Trust. The charity is on … Read more

Champlain College opens new state-of-the-art gaming arena for esports teams

A new esports arena at Champlain College aims to advance their students as they study computer gaming and compete against teams across the country. “We used to have e-ports spaces for the students, but they were often offshoots of buildings and had three feet of space,” said Charlie Kowalski, head coach of the Varsity’s Valorant … Read more

Trained radiographers perform as well as radiologists on double-reading screening mammograms

According to a study published in Radiologya journal of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). Double reading, the process of interpreting a radiological image with two or more pairs of eyes, is standard of care across Europe and has been shown to improve cancer detection while keeping the recall rate low. The National Health … Read more