Opinion: The Great Resignation has arrived in Canada

It took a while for a version of The Great Resignation to be accepted in Canada, but now the time has come. It has taken the form of a retirement wave – and its arrival is further obscuring the prospects for an already shady economy. Statistics Canada’s July employment report found that a record 300,000 … Read more

China’s ‘new normal’ for Taiwan sparks global trade fears | Business and Economy

taipei, taiwan – As the howl of missiles over the Taiwan Strait stops, a new lasting risk to global trade emerges. Ongoing disruptions to shipping caused by frequent Chinese military activity around Taiwan could become what experts call a “new normal” for the crucial trade route. As Beijing expanded its military exercises from Sunday to … Read more

Ex-poor boss leaves Chinese chipmaker amid tensions between US and China | Technology

Tudor Brown is stepping down from the board of directors of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation after nine years. Tudor Brown, the former president of Arm Ltd., has resigned from the board of directors of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. and is getting out of the Chinese chipmaker hit by US sanctions. Brown, a celebrated engineer who … Read more

Easing inflationary pressures gives the economy some breathing room for the time being

A shopping cart is seen in a supermarket as inflation impacted consumer prices in Manhattan, New York City, US, June 10, 2022. Andrew Kelly | Reuters If inflation has been the biggest threat to US economic growth, the July data should indicate at least some relief in the pipeline. Prices were flat for the month, … Read more

Is US inflation actually cooling off faster than expected?

US inflation is cooling much faster than experts are betting, a sign that the Federal Reserve’s series of steep rate hikes is wiping out price pressures. Prices rose 8.5 percent last month in the world’s largest economy, down 9.1 percent in 40 years, according to the Labor Department. Wall Street had predicted that consumer price … Read more

Russians buy last goods from H&M, IKEA as stores start exit | War news between Russia and Ukraine

Mega retailers H&M and IKEA are dissolving their stocks in Russia as they wind down their businesses in the country. Russians are packing western fashion and furniture this week as H&M and IKEA sell the last of their stock in Russia and move on to exit the country after it sent troops to Ukraine. Sweden-based … Read more

Consumer prices rose 8.5% in July, less than expected as inflationary pressures ease somewhat

Prices paid by consumers for a variety of goods and services rose 8.5% in July from a year ago, a slower pace than the month before, largely due to a decline in gasoline prices. On a monthly basis, prices were stable as energy prices fell 4.6% overall and gasoline 7.7%. That offset a monthly gain … Read more

Chinese labor watchdogs face tough trade-offs to keep entry alive | Labor rights

Tokyo, Japan – When the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) launched in 2005 with a promise to promote the use of traceable, sustainable cotton in global supply chains, the nonprofit organization (NGO) honed in on cotton-growing regions with documented histories of human rights abuses. BCI’s mission took it to Xinjiang, China, the homeland of the Uyghur … Read more

A troubling signal from oil traders about a European recession

recession has always been a politically sensitive word. Today, it has become so sensitive that some economists and politicians are trying to redefine it to make it lose some of its sting. However, the reality of a recession is impossible to redefine. Especially in Europe, consumers feel the slowdown in economic growth in their wallets, … Read more