Tony Gilroy talks after credits scene, season 2

Image: Luke movie It doesn’t feel that long ago that Diego Luna’s idea came up Villain One character Cassian Andor getting a solo series felt strange. But the past two months and change, Andor has proven to be a pretty good show. Not just “great for Star Wars,” but legit awesome in a way that … Read more

10 incredible unknown games to put on your wish list this minute

Screenshot: Microstory Just like the rest of Team my city are turkey hunting through their local Macy’s (I did more research on what a Thanksgiving is this year), again I got the keys to the site, locked everyone out and immediately lost those keys. While I’m stuck here I have to tell you about some … Read more

Avatar 2 reportedly needs $2 billion to break even

Screenshot: 20th century Here’s something you probably don’t want to hear if you’re a powerhouse movie manager avatar producer 20th Century or their new corporate overlords at Disney: director James Cameron to name its own sequel, The way of the water, “the worst business case in movie history.” But apparently that’s what he did! According … Read more

James Cameron takes us back to Pandora

Let’s go underwater on Pandora.Image: disney In James Cameron’s career so far, he has made exactly three sequels. A, Piranha II, was his first feature film. It gets a pass. The other TWO, Aliens and Terminator 2: doomsday, are undoubtedly two of the best sequels ever made. That’s why, with only a few short weeks … Read more

Chris Hemsworth reveals he inherits the Alzheimer’s gene from both parents. What is the ApoE4 gene and what does it mean for his career?

After two decades of acting, Chris Hemsworth revealed that he will be taking a break from his career after learning that he has a much higher than average chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease. The Australian actor heard the news while filming a new National Geographic docuseries for Disney+, Limitless, which explores the influence of time … Read more

Best cloud gaming services, from Xbox Game Pass to GeForce Now

Screenshot: Florence Ion/Gizmodo Luna is best for people who don’t want to commit. I still occasionally play with Amazon Luna on the Fire TV Stick connected to the TV in my living room. The game I am currently playing is Hokko life; I was already tracking the price on Steam when I saw it was … Read more

Jay Duplass and Timothy Omundson play god(s) in the new Percy Jackson show

Left: Jay Duplass (photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images), Right: Timothy Omundson (Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Alzheimer’s Association) Some fresh news from Olympus today, like Variety reports for which two more actors have signed Disney+’s upcoming TV adaptation of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson books. Jay Duplas is as Head Dead Guy Hades and Timothy Omundson is … Read more

Tim Allen attacked by awake crowd over ‘problematic’ Christmas joke in ‘Santa Clauses’

Beloved sitcom dad Tim Allen was slammed by awake Twitter users on Thursday after he said, “Merry Christmas is suddenly problematic,” on his brand new Disney+ show, “The Santa Clauses.” The 69-year-old actor – who has never been shy about his political beliefs – was jeered by Twitter users for using the line on his … Read more

Saying “Merry Christmas” is problematic in The Santa Clauses

Matilda Lawler, Elizabeth Allen-Dick, Austin Kane, Tim Allen and Elizabeth Mitchell The SantasPhoto: Disney/James Clark (Getty Images) Ah, the imaginary one War on Christmas. It’s a battle conservatives have been waging for years, despite the fact that the Christian holiday is alive and well. Mary Carey still sings, Hallmark still makes movies and there’s even … Read more

As the MCU wraps up Phase 4, a preview of Marvel’s Phase 5

(From left) Paul Rudd as Scott Lang/Ant-Man, Kathryn Newton as Cassie Lang and Evangeline Lilly as Hope Van Dyne/WaspPhoto: Courtesy of Marvel Studios As the Marvel Cinematic Universe draws to a close Phase four of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever– and with the one-off TV, The Guardians Of The Galaxy holiday specialstill to come before the … Read more