Germany: no choice but to allow Russian uranium shipment

BERLIN (AP) — The German government said Monday it cannot prevent a shipment of Russian uranium destined for French nuclear power plants from being processed at a site in Germany because nuclear fuel is not covered by European Union sanctions against Russia. Environmentalists have called on Germany and the Netherlands to prevent a shipment of … Read more

Three dead after 7.6 earthquake in remote part of Papua New Guinea

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) – At least three people have been killed after a powerful earthquake hit a remote part of Papua New Guinea on Sunday morning, authorities say. Others were injured and infrastructure damaged by the force of 7.6 felt across the Pacific country. The three people were killed in a landslide in the … Read more

$1 Billion in Coast-to-Coast Federal Economic Grants

WASHINGTON (AP) — The government will send $1 billion in federal subsidies for manufacturing, clean energy, agriculture, biotech and more to 21 regional partnerships across the country, President Joe Biden and Minister of Commerce Gina Raimondo announced on Friday. The 21 were chosen from 529 initial applicants compete for subsidies that were part of last … Read more

UN agency to inspect Ukraine nuclear power plant during urgent mission

KYIV (AP) – A UN nuclear watchdog team set out on Monday on an urgent mission to protect the Russian-occupied nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhya at the heart of the fighting in Ukraine, a much-anticipated journey that the world hopes will help prevent a radioactive catastrophe. The stakes couldn’t be greater for the group of … Read more

Russian Gazprom closes gas pipeline to Europe for 3 days

MOSCOW (AP) – A major Russian natural gas pipeline will be shut down for three days of maintenance at the end of this month, state energy company Gazprom announced Friday, increasing economic pressure on Germany and other European countries that depend on the fuel to power the industry. supply, generate electricity and heat houses. The … Read more

Designer Armani and guests flee forest fires on Sicilian island

MILAN (AP) – Firefighters worked Thursday to extinguish the remains of two wildfires on a Sicilian island, forcing fashion designer Giorgio Armani and dozens of others to flee their vacation villas overnight. A photo from the island of Pantelleria showed flames appearing to penetrate Armani’s villa, but the Italian designer’s news agency said they stopped … Read more

Germans urge to turn off heating in offices this winter to save gas

BERLIN — German companies and public institutions should not heat their offices more than 19 degrees Celsius (66.2 degrees Fahrenheit) this winter to help reduce the country’s natural gas consumption, Germany’s economy minister said on Saturday. Germany, the European Union’s largest economy, is trying to quickly get rid of its use of natural gas from … Read more

In Biden’s Big Bill: Climate, Health Care, Deficit Reduction

WASHINGTON (AP) — Largest ever investment in US to fight climate change. A hard-fought cap on the out-of-pocket cost of prescription drugs for Medicare recipients. A new corporate minimum tax to make sure big companies pay their fair share. And there are still billions left to pay off the federal deficits. All things considered, the … Read more

Inflation Reduction Act may have little impact on inflation

WASHINGTON (AP) — With inflation nearing its highest level in four decades, the House on Friday gave its final approval to President Joe Biden’s landmark Inflation Reduction Act. The title raises a tantalizing question: Will the measure tame the price spikes that have plagued US households? Economic analyzes of the proposal suggest the answer is … Read more

Polio detected in NYC sewers, suggesting virus circulating

NEW YORK (AP) — The virus that causes polio has been found in New York City sewage in another sign that the disease, which hadn’t been seen in the U.S. in a decade, is quietly spreading among unvaccinated people, said health officials Friday. The presence of the polio virus in the city’s wastewater suggests likely … Read more