The layoffs are piling up and Main Street still can’t get anyone to take jobs

On the window of an IN-N-OUT fast food restaurant in Encinitas, California, May 9, 2022, is a “Hiring Now” sign. Mike Blake | Reuters When it comes to salary, small business owners generally don’t play in the same league as larger companies. Things are even trickier now in a tight labor market with rising wages … Read more

The Watcher: How ‘freaky’ house terrified the city for years

Living the dream in the suburbs became a living nightmare for neighbors who lived near the house “The Watcher” in New Jersey, USA. The house at 657 Boulevard in the seemingly idyllic town of Westfield has been riddled with news and unrest since Derek and Maria Broaddus bought the huge six-bedroom house in June 2014 … Read more

Russia: ‘Everything has collapsed’ Dark look inside Putin’s nation

In his brand new co-working space in Chelyabinsk, a city in central Russia, entrepreneur Maxim Novikov counts the empty chairs. The space is usually overcrowded with designers, programmers and young Russians working on their start-ups. But since President Vladimir Putin announced a mobilization of hundreds of thousands of young Russian men last month, the 33-year-old … Read more

The Source Bulk Foods Crows Nest Whips ‘Society’ After Entering into Liquidation

A Sydney shop owner has brutally lashed out at ‘society’ after the ‘heartbreaking’ collapse of her small business. Last week, a letter was pasted on the front door of The Source Bulk Foods in the leafy Crows Nest in the north of the city informing customers that it was closed. The Source Bulk Foods is … Read more