New data shows the economy will slow significantly over the next two years

According to the latest data, the economy is slowing down. Most important points: NAB’s Forward Growth Report Expects Economic Growth To Slow Down Below 1.0 Percent The report predicts that the cash rate will reach 3.6 percent by March 2023 New data shows average household spending has increased by 15 percent in five years The … Read more

Iron ore price: China’s real estate crisis could have catastrophic consequences for Australia

In recent years, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned that the Chinese economy needed to prepare for the events of the “black swan” and the “grey rhinoceros”. The black swan event is an unexpected crisis, while the gray rhinoceros is a more predictable crisis or set of challenges. To better prepare China for what President Xi … Read more

October 2022 Federal Budget: What We Know So Far

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will hand over his first budget on Tuesday, October 25, in light of rising inflation and the bleak outlook for the global economy. Treasurer Jim Chalmers has warned Australians to brace for austerity measures and limited cost-of-living relief even as food prices skyrocket after devastating floods. But Labor has refused to … Read more

Annual inflation was 6.8 percent in August, says the Bureau of Statistics

Australia registered an annual inflation rate of 6.8 percent in August, up from 7 percent in July, according to brand new data from the Bureau of Statistics. Most important points: New data shows that annual inflation fell slightly between July and August The Bureau of Statistics will report monthly inflation data from October The new … Read more

Peter Dutton warns US recession is inevitable

Opposition leader Peter Dutton has stated that the US will enter a recession, and “this prime minister knows what is coming”. The big call comes as treasurer Jim Chalmers prepares to transfer his first budget next month, which he says will be a “bread and butter” effort to curb inflation. The opposition is warning him … Read more

Interest rates: decline in household consumption is a sign that RBA will cut spot interest rates in 2023

This aggressive tightening has already increased the average variable mortgage rate in Australia by two-thirds, from 3.45 percent in April just before the first rate hike to 5.70 percent today. This is the highest variable mortgage rate since January 2013 and comes at a time when Australian mortgage holders are more indebted than ever. According … Read more

The Source Bulk Foods Crows Nest Whips ‘Society’ After Entering into Liquidation

A Sydney shop owner has brutally lashed out at ‘society’ after the ‘heartbreaking’ collapse of her small business. Last week, a letter was pasted on the front door of The Source Bulk Foods in the leafy Crows Nest in the north of the city informing customers that it was closed. The Source Bulk Foods is … Read more

Australian wage growth could stall, rents rise as immigration rises

Last weekend, the Albanian government confirmed it will increase the permanent influx of migrants into Australia to its all-time high, following next month’s Jobs & Skills Summit. The October federal budget is expected to increase the influx of non-humanitarian permanent migrants to 200,000, from the current level of 160,000. The move follows incessant lobbying from … Read more

Why Australian iron ore could save Taiwan while China ponders the economic consequences of an invasion?

As the dark clouds of war gathered over Northeast Asia in 1938, a curious battle took place at home that forever tarnished the memory of Liberal Party founder Sir Robert Menzies and could foreshadow what lies ahead. state. Then Attorney General in the government of Lyon, Menzies became embroiled in a battle with unions on … Read more