Some things to watch that aren’t UK markets

Just don’t look.

As a smart, active person, you might be looking at a chart of UK 10-year Gilts right now, showing yields soaring.

© Bloomberg

But you could look at this adorable puppy instead. Who’s a little sweetie?!

Look at those folds!!! © Kyle Sneddon/Creative Commons

As a financially savvy but politically committed person, you may be looking at cable, which has fallen to $1.11.

© Bloomberg

But why if you could watch this sweet little lamb chewing on a branch instead?!

You can’t eat that, silly little man! © Christine Westerback/Creative Commons

As a sincere, tax-paying citizen interested in the intersection of fiscal and monetary policy, you might check out this chart, which raises Bank of England expectations for rate hikes ahead of its November meeting:

© Bloomberg

Idiot! Stop! You could watch this sweet little kitten in a shelter instead.

Boo! © Iamdjceylon/Creative Commons

If it’s too late none of this will work for you, maybe you should try the same approach as the Chief Secretary to the Treasury the next fiscal event – fire and forget:

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