Royal family: Meghan Markle ‘snarled’ Camilla

Camilla was snubbed by Meghan Markle after joining the royal family, an explosive new book claims.

According to royal biographer Angela Levin, the Queen Consort greeted the Duchess of Sussex “warmly” when she first came to London.

Ms Levin said Camilla knows “more than anyone” how difficult it is to be accepted into the royal family and that she “wants to help every newcomer,” The Sun reported.

She also shared how the women “had lunch together”, while Camilla “spent a lot of time giving advice on how to handle the pressure” as they met.

However, Meghan seemed “bored, unresponsive and preferred to go her own way”.

Angela Levin wrote in her new book Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: From Outcast to Queen Consort: “She tried to support her, was happy to be her mentor and took her out for private lunches.

“A source told me at the time: ‘She doesn’t want to see anyone wrestle and she adores Meghan.’

“However, Meghan seemed bored, unresponsive and preferred to go her own way, leaving the Queen Consort’s advice on stony ground.”

She goes on to say that it was an “almost impossible challenge” to take on the role of William and Harry’s stepmother.

And she said an insider told her that dealing with Harry was particularly difficult, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The insider said: “The Duchess was always quite wary of Harry and saw him looking at her long and cold from the corner of her eye.

“She found it quite nerve-wracking. Otherwise, they got along well.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex supported King Charles and Camilla at the Queen’s funeral this week, as they sat behind them at the service at Westminster Abbey.

Meghan has also often been photographed with Camilla in the past two weeks, as the royal family is going through a period of mourning together.

This story was originally published by The Sun and reproduced with permission

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