Roger Federer talks about his relationship with Rafael Nadal

Former world No. 1 Roger Federer hopes his relationship with Rafael Nadal has sent positive messages and showed that it is possible to have a good and respectful relationship even with your biggest rivals. Federer, 41, and 36-year-old Nadal created one of the most memorable rivalries in sports history.

With Federer retiring after this week’s Laver Cup, he expressed a desire to team up with Nadal in the only doubles match he plans to play. “Of course. No doubt. I mean, I think it could be quite, I don’t know, a unique situation, you know, that if it happened as long as we fought together to always have this respect for one another, the families, our coaching teams, we always got along really well,” Federer said per Sportskeeda.

“Also for us to go through a career that we’ve both had and to come out on the other side and be able to have a nice relationship, I think maybe it’s a great message for not just tennis but sports and maybe even beyond .

For that reason I think it would be great.”

Federer will still be connected to tennis

Federer turned pro in 1998. Since then, the game of tennis has become extremely popular. The game is also played differently now than 25 years ago.

Federer is often credited with transcending tennis and helping the game gain popularity worldwide. Now that Federer is retiring, he has assured the tennis community that he will remain involved in the game. “But I don’t think I’ll be that guy, you know, and I feel like tennis has given me too much,” Federer said.

Tributes have come Federer’s way since he announced his plans to retire after the Laver Cup. This week, Federer admitted to being happy with the recognition and appreciation he has received in recent days.

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