Wireless vs. Wired Gaming Headsets: Which One to Choose

When it comes to wireless versus wired headsets, are you sacrificing too much audio quality for the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity? Wireless technologies are becoming increasingly important factors in a wide variety of PC peripherals, whether keyboards, mice, speakers or headsets. The pros and cons of wireless vs. wired connectivity are discussed all the time, … Read more

Tecovirimat for Monkeypox in the Central African Republic under extended access

To the editor: We report on the protocolized use of tecovirimat (SIGA Technologies), an antiviral drug with activity against orthopoxviruses (including monkeypox and smallpox),1 under an expanded access program for all patients with monkeypox virus disease (MPXV) in Mbaïki, Central African Republic, between December 2021 and February 2022.2 The study included 14 patients diagnosed with … Read more

Amazon’s CEO explains rationale behind layoffs as unionized warehouse workers protest outside

CNN affairs — Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said Wednesday that an “uncertain” economy prompted the e-commerce giant to move forward with infrequent and widespread layoffs after experiencing a significant hiring boom during much of the pandemic. “We had the lens of a very uncertain economic environment and we’ve been very aggressively hiring over the last … Read more

ISIL armed group announces death of its leader | ISIL/ISIS News

A spokesman for the group said its leader, Abu Hasan al-Hashimi al-Qurashi, had been killed “in combat.” ISIL (ISIS) leader Abu Hasan al-Hashimi al-Qurashi has been killed, the armed group’s spokesman said in an audio message. Abu Omar al-Muhajer did not elaborate on the date or circumstances of al-Qurashi’s death, other than saying on Wednesday … Read more

Buckingham Palace official quits after asking Black Charity CEO where she ‘really came from’

CNN — An honorary member of Buckingham Palace has resigned and apologized after a founder of a black charity said she was asked if she was really British at a royal reception on Tuesday. The guest, Ngozi Fulani, is the CEO of Sistah Space, an organization that provides specialized services to women of African and … Read more

5 Best Gaming Wheels for Need for Speed ​​Unbound

Gaming wheels improve immersion when it comes to racing simulators. Multiple offerings such as Forza Horizon 5, Assetto Corsa, and Need for Speed ​​support these accessories, adding another layer to the gameplay experience. The upcoming Need for Speed ​​game, Unbound, will be compatible with racing wheels. Several of these items are available on the market. … Read more

Waterloo Region Expands COVID-19 Care Clinic and Moves to Kitchener

Waterloo Region’s COVID-19 care clinic will move into a new home Thursday, according to a release from Grand River Hospital. The clinic, which will now be formally known as the Regional COVID, Cold, and Flu Care Clinic, will move from its current location on Pinebush Road in Cambridge to 50 Sportsworld Dr. in Kitchener. Read … Read more

Federal Reserve Slows Rate Hikes as Approaches 40-Year Inflation High | Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell indicated that the central bank is preparing to slow the pace of interest rate hikes to deal with a 40-year high inflation. But Powell warned there was “more ground to cover” and rates would remain higher for an extended period of time. Speaking to the Brookings Institution, Powell said the … Read more

World Cup results: Mexico eliminated on goal difference as Argentina and Poland advance from Group C

With Group A and Group B in the books, Leo Messi and Argentina advance to the knockout rounds. Argentina beat Poland 2-0, while Mexico’s 2-1 win against Saudi Arabia wasn’t enough to push them forward. For much of the game it looked like the fair play tiebreak would be the deciding factor, with Mexico and … Read more