Oxenfree: Netflix Games’ Best Chance

While Netflix’s mobile gaming platform, Netflix Games, is relatively unknown, its latest offering is, Ox freeis arguably the game that makes the platform publicly relevant. Ox free is a graphic adventure indie game first released in 2016 by Night School Studio to receive rave reviews and several awards and accolades.

This year hasn’t been the best for Netflix, with the streaming service reporting 200,000 subscribers lost in the first quarter of 2022, when it was expected to add more than two million. Many believe that Netflix’s foray into the gaming world is a way to keep users engaged between releases of flagship series such as Stranger things. However, the gaming platform has remained largely under the radar so far, even for subscribers to the streaming service.

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Netflix Games has released some interesting releases such as Exploding Kittensfirst developed as a card game on the table, and Hextech Mayhem Netflix Editiona rhythm game based on League of Legendswhich Netflix also developed into the hit series, Arcane. However, the lack of interest in Netflix Games has largely prevented these titles from thriving. Most of his games are pretty simple links to hit series, or they’re the kinds of games that were popular on Facebook in early 2010, à la Farm village. While these kinds of games have their audience, it’s hard to imagine they’re the kind of games that would draw people to Netflix Games. This is true Ox free might shake things up.

Netflix Games’ other offerings are games aimed at a more casual audience or new releases that may appeal to gamers but lack an audience due to the limited public awareness of the platform. Ox free stands out because it is already a popular indie game with a predetermined audience. In this way, it should be able to generate more public interest, as there is already word of mouth. Fans who have already played Ox free will be happy to share the game with those who haven’t already, especially since it’s available for free on a streaming service that seems almost universal at the moment. Gamers who haven’t played the game can migrate to Netflix Gaming where they can play it without the price tag that comes on platforms like Steam.

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Another promising element of Ox free‘s release on Netflix Games is that it is approachable for non-gamers. While not a visual novel per se, it is very similar and can be classified as an interactive story with playable elements rather than a game. The gameplay is relatively simple and the focus is more on the decisions players make than on the actual gameplay mechanics. The game is also perfect for those who just can’t get enough Stranger things. Like the show, Ox free is a love letter to 80s adventure movies like The Goonies and has elements of horror, mystery and the supernatural. All these factors make Ox free an easy pitch for anyone who may not play video games often, but likes to eat Netflix in their spare time.

With its already great reputation in the gaming community and the ease with which newer gamers can access, Ox free is the perfect game for Netflix to start a more ambitious step into the gaming world. On an even deeper level, Ox freeIts fascinating plot, excellent voice acting, and familiar premise may well make it a gateway game for subscribers to the mega-popular streaming service to keep coming back for more.

Ox free is currently available for free on mobile to Netflix subscribers in over 30 languages.

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