One in ten gamers may give up video games because of rising energy bills

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Could you stop gaming altogether to combat rising energy bills? (photo:

With utility bills expected to get even more expensive, many UK gamers are thinking of giving up their hobby to cut costs.

We already know that people have been Spending less and less on video games this year, with the cost of living crisis in the UK being a major factor.

Now some are thinking about not even playing video games anymore, as energy bills have risen and are expected to get even higher.

In a survey, 2000 UK gamers were asked if and how their gaming habits have changed as a result of rising energy prices, and about one in 10 of them (9%, to be exact) are considering leaving their hobby altogether.

21% have already started playing games for shorter periods to cut costs, while 15% have chosen to save money through other means, such as groceries.

Nearly half of those surveyed (46%) were reluctant to give up their hobby, with some citing it as good for stress relief and/or as an opportunity to hang out with friends.

53% said they are more than willing to curb their gaming habits if it means saving money on energy bills, although 64% admitted they are unaware of the financial costs of gaming.

The research was conducted by Carbon Cutting Consoles, which also looked at the impact of gaming on the environment. The full results can be found on its website.

The decline in spending on video game products can also be attributed to the lack of significant releases this year. At this rate, though, it doesn’t matter if Sony and Microsoft have stronger 2023 lineups, if not enough people can afford to buy them.

Not to mention that with the passage of time, gaming has only become an increasingly expensive hobby. After all, publishers like Sony are now charging £70 for their games.

Now that production and shipping costs have also risen, there is talk of game consoles becoming more expensive as well. We’ve already seen it with the Oculus Quest 2, as Nintendo is eager to avoid raising the price for its Nintendo Switch.

energy bills

There are genuine fears that many will not be able to pay their energy bills (Picture: Getty)

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