Monkeypox outbreak ‘reversed’ in Victoria with no new cases for weeks

Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton says the monkeypox outbreak in the state has “reversed”, with no new cases reported in recent weeks.

Professor Sutton took to social media on Friday afternoon to share the good news, which he says can be attributed to the “pillars” of public health.

“Victoria hasn’t had an MPX [monkeypox] cases since a few weeks, with significant early growth in cases,” he said.

“Look, those pillars of a public health response are working. Case isolation, contact tracing and early testing through close engagement with the risk community.

“Well done!”

In particular, Professor Sutton expressed his gratitude to parts of the LGBTQI community most affected by the outbreak.

“This has been reversed because of their responsiveness and engagement,” he said.

Victoria’s reported number of monkey pox cases has remained at 67 since September 7.

It is the highest of any state or territory, and last month Victorian authorities expressed concern as the number of cases rose.

As of September 22, federal health figures listed 52 cases in New South Wales, seven in Western Australia, four in Queensland, three in the ACT and two in South Australia.

While vaccine supplies remain tight, Professor Sutton encouraged eligible Victorians to register their interest online, in anticipation of better delivery next month.

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