Man barely survives a 40-metre fall in Bali

A tourist in Bali has survived a massive cliff fall after attempting somersault.

The man posed for photos on the edge of the cliff while in Nusa Penida before doing a somersault and landing some 40 meters below.

Police said a tour guide took pictures of the man at the popular tourist destination before his stunt went wrong.

Local media reported that emergency services were called but hampered by the dangerous terrain around the cliff.

Nusa Penida Search and Rescue Alert Unit said operators tried to reach the man by boat but were blocked by waves.

Head of Bali Basarnas Office Gede Darmada said a rescuer was able to drop down from the cliff and carry the man out.

“Around 10:00 WITA we received information. The eyewitness was a tour guide. The victim allegedly took a photo doing some flips,” he said via local publication Detik Bali.

“We provided the first treatment to reduce bleeding from leg and hand injuries,” he said

“The victim was pulled up with a stretcher.”

The man was taken to hospital with serious leg injuries.

“He fell from there,” a male voice can be heard in a video filming the aftermath.

“He broke his leg and his arm and how he survived I can’t tell you.”

The incident came four days after an American tourist died while vacationing in Indonesia.

The 35-year-old woman fell off the edge of an infinity pool while trying to walk around another part of the building, local media reported.

The woman reportedly fell from a height of 15 meters and landed in a pond below. Hotel staff and guests at The Sankara Suites and Villa immediately rushed to help her, but were unable to revive her before ambulances arrived.

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