Madysen Glynn: The 22-year-old woman ‘earns $40,000 a month dropshipping’

A young woman who earns $40,000 a month and works 10 hours a week at a side job on her laptop claims that “anyone” can do it.

Madysen Glynn, 22, of Florida, says she’s made nearly $1 million since she started dropshipping two years ago after quitting her “soul crushing” 9 to 5 job.

Dropshippers act as a “middleman” between a company and a customer by accepting orders without holding any inventory or handling the product.

Maddy set up her now six-figure business with no college degree and “less than $1,000 in her bank account.”

Florida-based entrepreneur Madysen Glynn started her lucrative dropshipping business at age 20 with no college degree and less than $1,000 in her bank account

The 22-year-old woman says she now earns $40,000 a month working from home 10 hours a week

The 22-year-old woman says she now earns $40,000 a month working from home 10 hours a week

Originally from Wisconsin, Maddy said she had a “pretty normal high school experience” but had no idea what she wanted to do when she graduated.

She started a degree in communications but dropped out of college at age 20 and was working a 9 to 5 job in real estate when she “accidentally” learned about dropshipping through a YouTube video.

Maddy's fiancée is no longer working and she has bought a house close to the beach

Maddy’s fiancée is no longer working and she has bought a house close to the beach

Ms. Glynn has earned nearly $1 million in two years working two hours a day

The entrepreneur earned $45,000 in one month by her sixth month as a job dispatcher.  The screenshot above proves her monthly income of around $40,000

By her sixth month, Maddy said she was making $45,000 as a dropshipper. The screenshot above shows her average monthly income of about $40,000

“I considered starting my own business because I’ve always had an interest in it,” said the entrepreneur.

‘I saw that video and was immediately sold.’

Within five months of opening her first dropshipping store, she said she was making over $100,000 and was able to quit her day job.

Maddy then earned $45,000 in her sixth month, more than her annual salary from her old real estate job.

What is drop shipping?

*Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where the front of the dropshipping store does not actually have the product it is selling in stock

* When a customer purchases a product from the dropshipping dealer, the retailer purchases the item from a third party, either the manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer, who then ships it to the customer

* The front of the dropshippers store acts as an intermediary between customer and manufacturer

* Dropshippers make money by selling the product for more than they pay for it and by placing ads on their store


* Low start-up and maintenance costs for the company

* Flexible location and working hours

* Offers customers a wide choice of products

* Retailers do not need to manage inventory


* If your supply line becomes too long, profit margins may decrease

* It can be difficult to monitor inventory levels

* Little control over customer experience

* Difficulty with suppliers


Maddy said dropshipping “changed everything” in her life.

Her 26-year-old fiancé is no longer working and she has bought a house within walking distance of the beach.

She said she now only works two hours a day and spends her time doing ‘things that do’ [she] wants to do and likes to do’.

“I wake up and usually take a morning walk to the beach, from there I work on my laptop for one to two hours,” she said, explaining that it’s about answering customers and arranging shipping.

The entrepreneur says she spends the rest of the day having lunch with friends and family, shopping and relaxing.

Maddy said dropshipping is “essentially owning an online business without having to stock or pack it.”

Drop sellers set up a storefront on platforms like Shopify, acting as a “middleman” between customers and businesses.

“Your job is to market the product and be very good at branding and marketing so that people view your website and buy the product,” the businesswoman said.

Maddy now works as a full-time dropshipper, also invests in real estate and teaches her own dropshipping course

Maddy now works as a full-time dropshipper, also invests in real estate and teaches her own dropshipping course

Her first retail store was in women’s clothing and she has since opened stores selling pet and home decor items.

Dropshippers don’t need to maintain inventory as they don’t have to buy a product until someone buys something, which means that the start-up costs of a dropselling business are very low.

“It costs less than $1,000 in total to get started,” Maddy said.

The entrepreneur said that dropshipping requires no training or experience.

“Anyone who’s willing to put in the work and has a creative mindset can do it,” she said.

Maddy sees people from different backgrounds and all over the world making money through dropshipping.

Dropshippers are often stay-at-home moms, college students, and full-time workers who use it as a side job.

As for her plans for the future, the young woman said she would love to teach other people about the business with her “million dollar dropshipping” course she started four months ago.

“The way it’s changed my life – I love helping others and watching them change their lives too,” said Maddy.

Her advice to those looking to change their own financial situation was to “invest in yourself” first.

“Learn as many skills as you can learn outside of the typical school system,” she said.

What are other good remote side hustles for Australians?

* Surveys – use the ‘Octopus’ and ‘Attapol’ sites

* Market research – use a site like ‘askable’

* Affiliate marketing – this can be done on social media sites such as Instagram

* Resale your old clothes and other items on sites like Depop or Facebook marketplace

* Online sales of digital downloads such as budgets or planners individually or in bundles to people

(source: livingwithliverose)

* Create a PDF word search puzzle book about ‘puzzle wiz’ and sell it on Etsy

* Create a digital planner on ‘plr planners’ and sell it on Etsy

* Make a print on ‘Printful’ or template on ‘Canva’ and sell them on Etsy

* Download ‘Sweatcoin’ and get paid to run

* “Google Opinion Rewards” pays for reviews of Google products

* ‘Ibotta’ offers cashback on every purchase made

(source: knrndigital)

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